Civics Final Exam

  1. What is Congress' primary function? It contains both the _____ and ______? ___ vote overides ____?
    to make laws; Senate, House of Representatives; 2/3, veto
  2. Constitution went into effect after approval by ____ state legislatures. What were model for it?
    9; state constitutions
  3. Constitutional Amendments
    must be approved at both national and stave level
  4. Where was the Constitutional Convention of 1787 held?

  5. County
    1st unit of gov. formed
  6. Direct Democracy first came from where?
    Represented today by ______?
    Ancient Athens; Town Meetings
  7. How many total votes in Electoral College? How many needed to win the Presidency?
    538; 270
  8. Federalism
    division of power between the state and national governments
  9. How long are federal court judges terms? Who is current Supreme Court Justice?
    Life; John Roberts
  10. First Amendment
    Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition
  11. General Elections
    where voters make final decisions on candidates and issues to elect local, state, and federal officials
  12. Governor
    executive leader of state government
  13. How to spend _____ is a major point of conflict b/w local, state, and national government.
    Grant Money
  14. The Great Compromise..
    set up 2 house legislature

  15. Legislature
    group of people chosen to make laws
  16. Local Planning Commission
    set goals for land use
  17. Magna Carta
    first doc. to limit power of English monarchy
  18. Marketplace of Ideas
    all views may be expressed in this country
  19. Mayor Council Plan
    shared powers, closely resmbles Federal Government
  20. Missouri Plan
    judges are selected by a commission, the governor, and the voters
  21. Mosaic
    American culture is made up of parts of many diff. cultures
  22. Municipalities
    governed by mayor and a council
  23. National Conventions
    set up party platform and planks, nominate candidates, unite various party factions
  24. Naturalized Cititzens cannot hold what two offices in the government?
    President and Vice President
  25. Plaintiff
    person initiating a lawsuit
  26. Preamble to the Constitution
    states goals, provides common defense, and establishes justice
  27. President requirements? How long are terms? What is the salary? What is the president's main judicial power?
    35 yrs old, 4 yr terms, natural born citizen, $400,000; granting pardons
  28. 6 Propaganda techniques?
  29. Representatives are based on ____, serve ___ yr terms, and are ______ yrs of age
    population, 2, 25
  30. Royal Colonies
    under the direct control of the English crown
  31. School district
    special district, local gov. spends most of their money on schools
  32. Senate has how many members? Who is leader? The Senate does what?
    100; Vice President; confirms Supreme court appointments
  33. How many members are in the House of Representatives?
  34. How many senators per state?
  35. How old must you be to run for senate?
  36. How long are senate terms?
    6 years
  37. Skokie Case
    upheld ruling for Nazis right to freedom of speech and assembly
  38. Speaker of the House is the ____ of House of Representatives.
  39. Most of state tax revenue comes from which taxes?
    income and sales tax
  40. Who was the author of the Declaration of Independence?
    Thomas Jefferson
  41. Tinker Case
    armbands are a form of speech protected by the 1st amendment
  42. Weak Mayor Plan
    gives all the leglislative and executive power to a council
  43. Zoning
    makes rules for land use
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