Structure and function

  1. What is Superior?
    • Superior is ABOVE towards the head
    • Your head is superior to your chest.
  2. what is inferior?
    • Inferior Is BELOW towards the feet.
    • Your hand is inferior to your shoulder.
  3. What is Anterior?
    • Anterior is FRONT of body (ventral)
    • Your sternum is anterior to your heart
  4. What is Posterior?
    • Posterior is BEHIND in back of ( dorsal)
    • Your vertabrae are posterior to your sternum
  5. What is Medial?
    • Medial is Toward the midline, posistioned closer to your midline of the body.
    • Your nose is medial to your ears.
  6. What is Lateral?
    • Lateral is away from the midline, toward the outside, positioned further away from the midline of the body.
    • Your eyes are lateral to your nose.
  7. What is Proximal?
    • Proximal is Toward or nearest the trunk, or nearest the point of origin of a structure.
    • Shoulder is proximal to the elbow.
  8. What is Distal?
    • Distal is Away from or farthest from the trunk, or farthest from the structure's point of origin.
    • Toes are distal to the knee
  9. What is Superficial?
    • Superficial is Closer to the body's surface.
    • The skin is superficial when compared to your organs.
  10. What is Deep?
    • Deep is Further in from the body's surface.
    • Muscles are deep to the skin.
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