Story Index Cards

  1. The Characters
    • Emily- Goth, loner (main character, protagonist)
    • Lilith-Friend of Emily, goth (main character, protagonist)
    • Chloe- Popular, bully (main character, antagonist)
    • Sara-Chloe's follower (minor character, antagonist)
    • Clarissa-Emily's guardian, spirit of deceased woman (minor character, protagonist)
    • Principal Cornet- Principal of Seeker High (minor character)
    • Students- Students of Seeker High
    • Chloe & Sara's Parents- Ignorant of their children, strict (minor character)
  2. Setting
    • Seeker High Hallway
    • Abandoned Sorrow Manor
    • Street
    • Library
    • Principal's office
  3. Start
    Emily's parents have died of a car accident which Emily survives. She runs to Sorrow Manor only 2 b welcomed by Clarissa, a spirit of the deceased owner. Clarissa decides to be her guardian. She is enrolled @ Seeker High.
  4. Rising Action
    When Emily enters the school, she is accused of being a freak and Chloe, the popular girl/ bully and her follower ; Sara. Lilith comes along and comforts Emily and soon they became friends. Lilith soon met Clarissa but she wasn't freaked out so they stayed friends.
  5. Climax
    While Emily & Lilith were in the library when Chloe & Sara came in and annoyed her so she got really angry and slapped Chloe. Principal Cornet happened to be there and Emily was sent to the principal's office. When Clarissa was called on, Clarissa had to posses a person to act as Emily's guardian.
  6. Falling Action
    Clarissa defends Emily saying that "everyday, when Emily comes home, she tells me how Chloe bullies her". Principal Cornet is shocked by this, saying that "Chloe is one of our best students".
  7. Resolution
    Principal Cornet calls on Lilith who witnessed this and Lilith said everything was true; Chloe bullying geeks, nerds & freaks. Chloe ended up suspended for 2 weeks and grounded for 3 weeks by her parents. Clarissa was happy to hear that Emily remains undisturbed. All the sudents were pretty much relieved too. As for Sara, she turned a new leaf.
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