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  1. What responsibilities does a squadron commander have with the overalll focus of upgrade training and maintenance qualification programs?
    He or she must emphasize the quality of the programs and not just focus on minimum upgrade time-frames.
  2. Even though the SQ/CC is ultimately responsible for unit deploymnet readiness, who do they appoint to help ensure deployment readiness?
  3. If squadron manning autorizations are not right, what can the SQ/CC do to help remedy the situation?
    He or she can coordinate with the wing manpower office, through the group manning manager, for assistance in preparing and ACR to alter his or her manning authorization.
  4. What two positions within the Maintenance Operations Squadron perform essentially the same duties as the operations officer and maintenance superintendent?
    MOF/CC and the MOF/SUPT.
  5. In AMXS or MXS, who does the maintenance superintendent work for?
    Operations officer.
  6. Who is responsible through the MOS/CC for monitoring the overall health of the fleet?
    MOF/CC assisted by the MOF/SUPT
  7. Who is responsible for developing written procedures for EOR inspections in coordinaition with the wing weapons manager, weapons manager, weapons safety weapons safety manager, and airfield management?
    Operations officer/MX XUPT in AMXs/HMXS.
  8. Who is responsible for reviewing and consolitating monthly mainteance plan inputs from the various MXS flights/sections and for forwarding them to MOF PS&D?
    MXS operations officer with the assistance of the MX SUPT.
  9. In MOS, who are flight chiefs responsible to in the area of leadership, supervision, and training of their assigned flight personnel?
  10. With regards to job environment safety, what must a flight chief inform workers of?
    Any hazardous conditions they may encounter on the job.
  11. Who is responsible for reviewing Pilot
    Reported Discrepancies and flight Aborts daily to to ensure proper maintenance is being taken to correct the underlying problem?
  12. Who chairs a daily maintenance production meeting to develop and modify the overall maintenance plan of attack for an AMU?
    AMU OIC or SUPT.
  13. What is the primary job of a section NCOIC?
    To act act the first-line manager and supervisor and to serve as the the technical autority and advisor for his or her particular section.
  14. What AF IMT should a section NCOIC use to monitor, track, and documnet safety and health related information about his or her workers?
    AF IMT 55, Employee Safety & Heath Records
  15. For section managed TMDE, what is a section NCOIC responsible for ensuring?
    That maintenance and calibration requirements are accomplished.
  16. What is the primary job of an AMU flightline Pro Super?
    To direct the overall maintenance effort of his or her AMU.
  17. What is the grade requirement to be appointed as an AMU flightline Pro Super?
    SNCO or civilian equivalent.
  18. If one is appointed, what is the primary job of an MXS Pro Super?
    To provide maintenance squadron specialist non-availability to MOC at the beginning of each shift, identify production requirements and shortfalls to his or her operations officer/MX SuPT, and direct the overall maintenance effort of his or her unit to help meet mission requirements.
  19. In addition to closely monitoring aircraft status, who must the flightline expediter notify when status and configuration changes occur?
    Maintenance operations center (MOC) and the Pro Super.
  20. What are some of the refernces that flighline expediters must keep close at hand to facilitate their duties?
    Copies of the flying schedules, emergency action/functional checklists, base grid map with cordon overlay, IPI listing, MESL, QRL, WUC manual and a traking device for aircraft status.
  21. Flightline expediters must track the serial number, location, priority, status, ETIC, and configuration of all aircraft. What are some of the other items that must be tracked?
    OAP condition codes, fuel load, munitions load and remarks for each aircraft as applicable.
  22. What are weapons expediters responsible for monitoring with regard to the weapons section NCOIC?
    For monitoring all armament systems maintenance and loading operations.
  23. Who must the weapons expediter coordinate with for the delivery and pick-up of munitions items?
    With MOC or munitions control.
  24. Who must specialist expediters coordinate with in determining maintenance priorities for specialist supports?
    With the Pro Super and flightline expediter.
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