RAD142Lab Positioning

  1. What 2 positions are there for a routine chest X-ray?
    PA Chest & Left Lateral
  2. What is the SID fo a routine chest xray?
  3. What is the SID fo a Left Lateral Decubitus (cross table) chest x-ray?
    • 72" w/IR holder
    • 40" w/erect bucky
  4. What is the position for an erect Oblique Sternum xray?
    RAO w/15-20 degree angle..
  5. What cassette size and orientation is used for an Oblique Sternum xray?
    10x12 LW
  6. What SID is used for an erect Oblique Sternum?
  7. The CR position for an erect Oblique Sternum is?
    Perpendicular to midsternum, midway between Jug Notch & Xiphoid tip...
  8. For a Lateral Sternum, What is the:
    Body Position for erect (wall bucky)?
    SID (erect/supine)?
    CR position?
    • Left Lateral w/arms drawn back
    • 40" both
    • Midline of Sternum (Jug notch-Xiphoid tip
  9. Respiration for a Lateral Sternum is?
    Expose on inspiration (hold)
  10. The 2 (prone or erect) positions for the SC joints are?
    Include Head position and degree of angel....
    • Bilateral PA (w head turn to side)
    • RAO Oblique (10-15 degrees)
  11. The Cassete size for an SC (PA & RAO) is?
    The SID is?
    • 8x10 Cross wise
    • 40"
  12. The Cassete size & Orrientation for a bilateral xray of the ribcage is?
    • 14x17
    • crosswise or lengthwise dependant on patient's body
  13. The SID for an erect bilateral rib xray is?
    and a Recumbent is?
    • 72"
    • 40"
  14. Exposer of an xray for the AP/PA Bilateral Ribs should be taken on this respiration?
    Inspiration (breath in)
  15. The CR for a bilateral PA/AP rib xray should be centered to the _________?
    T7 (xiphoid tip)
  16. The lower edge of the light field for a Lower AP Bilateral rib xray is at the __________?
    Illiac crest
  17. The CR for a Lower AP Bilateral rib xray is aimed at the __________?
    T10 (xipoid tip)
  18. The ERECT body positions for an injury to the right ANTERIOR ribs are ______ & _________?
    • Bilateral PA
    • LAO (45 degrees)
  19. The SID for an erect rib xray is ______ & a recumbant is ________?
    • 72"
    • 40"
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