Vocab 16-22

  1. Exodus
    A departure, usually of large numbers of people
  2. Exotic
    Foreign; charmingly unfamiliar
  3. Expedient
    • Advantageous to one's interest or purpose
    • An emergency course of action
  4. Exploit
    • To use to the greatest possible advantage, often selfishly
    • A brilliant or heroic deed
  5. Expound
    To explain in detail
  6. Fabricate
    • To assemble or construct from separate parts
    • To make up with the intention of deceiving
  7. Facetious
    Not meant seriously; playful
  8. Facsimile
    • An exact copy
    • Reproduced exactly
  9. Fallacy
    • Faulty reasoning; an error in logic
    • A false or mistake notion
  10. Fathom
    • A unit of length roughly equal to six feet, used primarily in the measurement of marine depths
    • To get to the bottom of; understand
  11. Fatuous
    Unconsciously foolish, stupid, or absurd
  12. Feasible
    Possible; both doable and workable
  13. Feign
    To pretend or give a false appearance of
  14. Felicitous
    Agreeable suited to the purpose or occasion; aptly or gracefully expressed
  15. Fetish
    • An object believed among primitive peoples to have magical powers
    • An object of unreasonably excessive attention or reverence
  16. Fiasco
    A complete failure
  17. Fickle
    Likely to change for no apparent reason; inconstant
  18. Filch
    To steal slyly; especially small things
  19. Finesse
    Skill, delicacy, or subtlety in doing something or handling a situation
  20. Flagrant
    Extremely and deliberately conspicuous; glaring
  21. Flaunt
    To show off in a conspicuous or offensive way
  22. Flout
    To treat openly with scorn or contempt
  23. Fluctuate
    To change continually from one position to another
  24. Foible
    A minor, often amusing, fault or weakness in character
  25. Forestall
    To secure an advantage or prevent a loss by previous action
  26. Formidable
    • Arousing fear or admiration because of unusual size or superiority of the thing involved
    • Difficult to do because of the size of the job
  27. Fortuitous
    Occurring by chance or accident
  28. Frugal
    • Thrifty or economical in the use of money
    • Involving little expense; meager
  29. Fulsome
    Excessive and, for that reason, offensive to good taste and obviously insecure
  30. Futile
    Incapable of producing the desired result; unsuccessful or ineffective
  31. Gape
    To stare openmouthed in amazement; to open wide
  32. Garble
    To distort in such a way as to make unintelligible
  33. Gloat
    To regard with excessive or malicious satisfaction
  34. Goad
    • A long, pointed stick used for driving animals; anything else that spurs a person on
    • To drive or urge on
  35. Graphic
    • Relating to a drawn or pictorial representation; visual
    • Giving a clear and effective picture; vivid
  36. Gratuitous
    • Freely given; done without recompense
    • Uncalled-for; unjustified
  37. Gregarious
    • Tending to form or move in a herd or other group; social
    • Enjoying the company of others; sociable
  38. Grimace
    • A twisted facial expression indicating pain, disgust, or disapproval
    • To contort the feature of the face in order to indicate pain, disgust, or disapproval
  39. Grope
    To feel around uncertainly for
  40. Grueling
    Extremely demanding and exhausting
  41. Gruesome
    Causing great shock, horror, and repugnance
  42. Gullible
    Easily cheated or deceived
  43. Haggard
    Worn and exhausted from anxiety, disease, hunger, or fatigue
  44. Harangue
    • A long, emotional public address designed to arouse strong feelings or spur the audience on to action; a similar piece of writing
    • To deliver a harangue
  45. Harbinger
    • A forerunner
    • To herald the approach of
  46. Haughty
    Scornfully superior or aloof
  47. Heinous
    Grossly wicked or vile
  48. Ignominy
    Dishonor or disgrace usually resulting from some sort of shameful conduct
  49. Illicit
    Unlawful; illegal
  50. Immaculate
    Entirely free of stain, blemish, fault, or error; spotless
  51. Immunity
    Exemption from something, especially a disease
  52. Immutable
    Not subject to change or modification
  53. Impasse
    A deadlock or dead end
  54. Impediment
    A hindrance or obstruction
  55. Impervious
    Incapable of being penetrated or affected
  56. Implacable
    Incapable of being pacified or appeased; inflexible
  57. Implicit
    • Understood, Implied
    • Absolute, unquestioning
  58. Impugn
    To call into question; to cast doubt upon
  59. Incarcerate
    To put in jail or otherwise confine
  60. Incense
    To make violently angry
  61. Inception
    The beginning of something
  62. Indigent
    Impoverished; needy
  63. Ingenious
    Showing remarkable originality, imagination, inventiveness, or skill; clever
  64. Inherent
    Existing as a natural or essential part of
  65. Innovation
    Something new; a change
  66. Instigate
    To stir up or urge on
  67. Insuperable
    Incapable of being overcome
  68. Intervene
    To come between; to involve oneself in
  69. Intrepid
    Fearless and bold
  70. Inveigh
    To protest bitterly or vehemently
  71. Irony
    Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually happens
  72. Jeopardize
    To endanger
  73. Jettison
    To throw overboard; to discard
  74. Judicious
    Having or exhibiting sound judgement
  75. Justify
    To show to be just, right, valid, or free of blame
  76. Kudos
    The prestige or acclaim that results from some noteworthy achievement or position
  77. Lackadaisical
    Sorely lacking in spirit, energy, or purpose
  78. Legacy
    Something left to a person in a will; something handed down from the past
  79. Liability
    • A debt or obligation, especially of a financial nature
    • A hindrance or handicap
  80. Libel
    A public statement or picture that damages a person by falsely impugning on his or her character, motives, or attractions, or by unjustly exposing the person to public censure or ridicule
  81. Litigation
    Legal action; a lawsuit
  82. Lucid
    Clear and intelligible to the understanding; mentally competent
  83. Lucrative
  84. Lurk
    To sneak; to lie hidden or in wait
  85. Lush
    • Luxuriant, plentiful; luxurious, opulent
    • Overelaborate or overripe
  86. Malapropism
    An unconscious and usually ludicrous misuse of a word
  87. Malice
    A desire to cause harm or suffering; deep-seated ill will
  88. Mammoth
    • An extinct form of elephant; a giant of colossus
    • Gigantic
  89. Mandatory
    Required, obligatory
  90. Medium
    The means by which some goal is achieved or the person through who it is realized
  91. Mercenary
    A hireling, especially a hired professional soldier
  92. Moot
    • Debatable and therefore unresolved
    • To bring up for discussion
  93. Morass
    A swamp or bog; a confused or degrading situation that is difficult to get out of
  94. Motley
    • A kind of multicolored cloth; a garment made from this cloth, especially the costume worn by a court jester or clown
    • Multicolored; diverse or varied
  95. Mundane
    Worldly; humdrum or everyday
  96. Myriad
    Countless, innumerable
  97. Narcissistic
    Dominated by an excessive love or admiration for oneself
  98. Nebulous
    Hazy, vague, or indistinct
  99. Negligible
    Too small to be significant
  100. Nepotism
    Unwarranted favoritism shown to relatives or friends by someone in high office
  101. Nomadic
    Wandering, roving
  102. Nominal
    • Existing in name only
    • Insignificantly small
  103. Nostalgia
    A longing return to a sentimentalized past; homesickness
  104. Novice
    • A person who has just entered a religious order on a probationary basis
    • A beginner of any kind
  105. Nuance
    A slight or subtle variation in meaning, expression, tone, feeling, color, or the like.
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