Medical Terminology- Urinary System

  1. albumin
  2. blast/o
    developing cell
  3. glomerul/o
    little ball; glomerulus
  4. meat/o
    opening, passage
  5. nephr/o
  6. pyel/o
    renal pelvis
  7. ren/o
  8. ureter/o
  9. urethr/o
  10. ur/o, urin/o
  11. urology
    clinical treatment of urinary disease
  12. nephrology
    field specializing in the treatment of kidney disease
  13. poly
    excessive, over, or many
  14. azot/o
    urea, nitrogen
  15. ket/o, keton/o
  16. noct/o
  17. olig/o
    few in number
  18. py/o
  19. uresis
  20. uria
    pertaining to urine, urination
  21. urea
  22. urinalysis
    clinical procedure that examines the composition of urine using a variety of tests, ncluding microscopy
  23. albuminuria
    presence of protein in urine
  24. anuresis
    inability to pass urine
  25. azotemia
    abnormally high levels of urea and other nitrogen-containing compounds in blood
  26. bacturiria
  27. diuresis
    excessive discharge of urine
  28. dysuria
    difficult or painful urination
  29. glycosuria
    glucose in urine
  30. ketonuria
    ketone bodies in urine
  31. nocturia
    need to wake up and urinate at night
  32. oliguria
    reduction in urination
  33. polyuria
    excessive urination
  34. proteinuria
    protein in urine
  35. pyuria
    pus in urine
  36. hypo-
    deficient, abnormally low, below
  37. spadias/o
    rip, tear
  38. -cele
    hernia, swelling, or protrusion
  39. -ptosis
  40. cystitis
    inflammation of urinary bladder
  41. urethrocystitis
    infl. of urethra and bladdar
  42. cystocele
    herniation of urinary bladder
  43. cystolith
    stone in urinary bladdar
  44. enuresis
    involuntary release of urine; lack of bladdar control
  45. epispadias
    congenital defect resulting in abnormal position of urinary meatis
  46. glomerulonephopathy
    any disease of the glomeruli
  47. glomerulonephritis
    inflammation of glomeruli of the kidneys
  48. hypospadias
    congenital defect where urinary meatus has shifted dorsally
  49. incontinenece
    involuntary discharge of urine; stress--coughing, sneezing
  50. nephritis
    inflammation of kidney
  51. nephrolithiasis
    one or more stones within kidney
  52. calculus
    a stone
  53. renal calculi
    presence of kidney stones
  54. nephroma
    tumor arising from kidney tissue
  55. pyelonephritis
    infl. of the renal pelvis that involves nephrons
  56. stricture
    abnormally narrowing
  57. stenosis
  58. ureterosteosis
    ureteral stricture or narrowing
  59. ureterolithiasis
    one or more stones within uretera
  60. acute renal failure
    cessation of kidney function
  61. urinary tract infection (UTI)
    infection of urinary organs, usually urethra and urinary bladdar
  62. tom/o
  63. -lysis
    loosen or dissolve
  64. -pexy
    surgical fixation
  65. -tripsy
    surgical crushing
  66. blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
    clinical lab test that measures urea concentration in a sample of blood to check kidney function
  67. creatinine
    protein that is a normal component of urine and is a byproduct of muscle metabolism
  68. cystectomy
    surgical removal of urinary bladdar
  69. cystolithotomy
    procedure in which an incision is made through urinary bladder to remove stone
  70. hemodialysis
    procedure to remove nitrogenous wastes and excess ions that accumulate during normal body metabolism artificially, temporarily replacing the function of the kidney filtration for patients with kidney disease or kidney failure
  71. lithotripsy
    surgical technique that applies concentrated sound waves to pulverize stones into smaller pieces
  72. nephrectomy
    removal of kidney
  73. nephropexy
    surgical fixation of a kidney
  74. pyelostomy
    aka nephrostomy
  75. nephrostomy
    surgically creating an opening in kidney
  76. peritoneal dialysis
    artificial filtration as a cleansing treatment to compensate for kidney failure by processing fluids from peritoneal cavity rather than direction from bloodstream
  77. pexy
    surgical fixation;;; not surgical repair
  78. HD
  79. UA
  80. IVP
    intravenous pyelogram
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