1. Kidneys
    2 bean shaped organs that produce ruine and maintain fluid and acid base balance
  2. Ureter
    tube that transports urine from kidney to bladder
  3. Bladder
    muscular distendable sac can contain 1L of urine
  4. Urethra
    tube from the bladder to urinary meatus that transports urine to the exterior
  5. Prostate gland
    surrounds male urethra, contains ducts that secrete the alkaline portion of seminal fluid
  6. Kidneys
    regulates fluids affecting blood pressure, renin-angiotensin system activated by low blood pressure or renal disease
  7. Acute poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis

    -bilateral inflammation of the glomeruli, kidneys blood vessels
    azotemia, fatigue, oliguria

    UA shows protein, hematuria, RBCs, WBCs

    bedrest, fluid restriction, high calorie diet, low sodium, potassium, protein


    check vs, fluid intake and output, good diet and bedrest
  8. Acute Renal failure

    -sudden interruption of renal function from obstruction, poor circulation, kidney disease
    less than 400ml output

    creatinine clearance low

    peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis

    low protein, high carb, moderate fat potassium, phosphorus regulated according to levels

    drug therapy

    monitor fluids, respiratory, cardiovascular and neurologic status
  9. Beningn prostatic hyperplasia

    - prostate gland enlarges and compresses urethra causing obstruction
    urgency to urinate, decrease time of urine

    forcing fluids, transurethral resection of the prostate

    improve pts hydration
  10. Bladder cancer

    -cancer in the bladder
    frequent urination, painless hematuria


    provide post op care
  11. Breast cancer

    -2nd leading cause of death, it spreads via lymphatic system and blood stream throughout the entire body
    painless lump in breast, skin changes of breast

    surgery, mastectomy

    drug therapy

    postop care
  12. Cervical cancer

    -in the female reproductive system
    abnormal vaginal discharge, postcoital pain and bleeding

    cryosurgery, radiation, hysterectomy

    encourage relaxation techniques during procedures
  13. Chlamydia

    bacterial infection, causing urethritis
    dyspareunia, mucopurlent discharge, perlvic pain, tenderness of the meatus, urethral discharge


    standard precautions
  14. Chronic Glomerulonephritis

    -inflammation of the glomeruli, kidney blood vessels
    edema, hematuria, hypertension

    dialysis, kidney transplant

    monitor vs, blood pressure, fluid or electrolyte imblances
  15. Chronic Renal failure

    -irreversible destruction of the kidneys
    azotemia, heart failure, lethargy

    increase BUN, creatinine, phosphorus, lipid levels and decrease calcium CO2 and albumin

    limit fluids, low protein, sodium, potassium, high calorie carb

    dialysis, hemodialysis

    drug therapy

    monitor renal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and fluid balance, check dialysis access for bruit and thrill
  16. Cystitis

    -inflammation fo the urinary bladder
    dark odoriferous urine, urinary frequency / urgency

    increase fluids and vitamin C

    drug therapy

    • monitor vitals intake and ouput
    • 3l of orange juice or cranberry a day

    avoid coffee, tea, alcohol, or coke
  17. Gonorrhea

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