History, England before 1066.

  1. What army invaded England in 1066?
    A French army from Normandy in Northern France led by the Duke of Normandy (William the Conquerer).
  2. Who ruled England up to 410?
    The Romans.
  3. Who ruled England from 800 onwards?
    The Vikings and Anglo Saxons from Denmark and Sweden.
  4. Who lived in the West and the South of England after 800?
    The Anglo Saxons.
  5. Who lived in the North and East of England after 800?
    The Vikings.
  6. What attacking force came to England from Denmark and Holland in Northern Europe, because England's land was less marshy than their own and the climate was better?
    The Angles, Saxons and Jutes.
  7. What was the tribe that joined with the Picks after fighting them in their home territory. They are Irish and gave the name to the country they settled in.
    The Scots.
  8. What was England originally called and why?
    Angleland, because of the Angles that lived there.
  9. What were the people of England called and why?
    Anglo-Saxons, because of the Anglo's and Saxon's that lived there. They were also called the English.
  10. Who ruled England in 1065?
    Edward the Confesser.
  11. Who looked after pieces of land for Edward, they were usually rich and came from important families?
  12. Why did King Edward speak better French than English?
    He used advice from his Norman friends how to run the country.
  13. What was the populated of England?
    1.5 million people.
  14. How many towns in England and what was there population?
    There were 15 towns with about 1,000 people living there and only 8 towns with more than 3,000 people living there.
  15. How did an English Monk describe the English in 1130?
    "The English wore short garments reaching to their knees. They had short hair, their beards shaven; their arms coated with gold bracelets and picture designs"
  16. What fraction of the population were rich?
    1 out of 100 people were rich.
  17. What did people often die of?
    Small wounds and infections, there were no medicine except herbs.
  18. How long did the Anglo-Saxon coins last?
  19. What religion was everyone?
  20. How long did King Alfred the king of England reign?
  21. What are Chroniclers?
    They were usually Monks who wrote what they believed in and felt rather than what they actually saw.
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