Red Belt Styles

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  1. Isshin-ryu
    An Okinawan style known as the "One heart method" and symbolized by the half woman-half serpent. It is a combination of Goju-ryu and Shorin-ryu.
  2. Shotokan
    The most popular style of Japenese karate and it is symbolized by the tiger.
  3. Judo
    A Japense style known as the "Gentle Way" or the art of throwing.
  4. Goju-ryu
    Japan's second most popular style which emphasizes dynamic breathing exercises and tension kata
  5. Iaido
    A Japenese style known as the "art of the flashing blade" in which the actual Katana (Samurai sword) is used
  6. Kendo
    A Japanese syle known as the "way of the sword" in which the Shinai (bamboo staff) is used
  7. Hapikdo
    A Korean style that encompasses the techniques of Taekwon-Do plus various locks,holds,and throws.
  8. Shito-ryu
    a Japanese style influenced by two Okinawan karate systems,Naha-te & Shuri-te.
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