Health 2 P-PT words

  1. Health
    mental, social, and physical well being
  2. Wellness
    mental, social and physical well being and the choices we make
  3. Lifestyle Factor
    repeated behaviors that determine
  4. Credibility
    being reliable
  5. Non-communicable
    can't be spread; just develops
  6. Heredity
    traits passed down by family through genes
  7. Obesity
    being 20% or more over the recommended weight
  8. Myocardial Infarction
    heart attack
  9. Cancer
    uncontrolable growth of abnormal cells
  10. Carcinogen
    cancer causing substance
  11. Malignant
    cancerous tumor that grows
  12. Benign
    Tumor that tends to not spread and isn't cancerous
  13. HDL
    high density lipoprotein; good --> carries cholesterol to be disposed of
  14. LDL
    Low density lipoprotein; bad --> deposits cholesterol in the blood stream
  15. Remission
    period of time when cancer goes away
  16. Metatisis
    spreading of cancer
  17. Diabetes
    a disease that affects the way a person converts sugar to energy; they don't produce insulin or don't respond to it
  18. Americans with Disabilities Act
    a law prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities; public accomodations
  19. 5 Examples of Non-Communicable Diseases
    Diabetes, Cancer, Asthma, Arthritis, Heart Disease
  20. Controlable Cancer Risks
    Sunscreen, hats, shade, reduce exposure from 10am-4pm
  21. When are the suns rays strongest?
  22. What is the minimum SPF a sunscreen should have to protect you?
  23. What is not a types of skin cancer?

    D) Sickle cell carcinoma!
  24. What are risk factors for cancer?
    Having light colored skin, being severely burned as a child, having family members who have had skin cancer
  25. What is the substance in the skin that makes people tan?
  26. What are the ABCD's of Melanoma?
    Asymmetrical, Border, Color, and Diammeter
  27. Is a tan a sign that the skin is damaged?
  28. Sunscreen should be put on 1/2 hour before going outside and reapplied every four hours.
    False. Reapplied every two
  29. UVA rays cause the skin to become sunburned.
    False. They cause premature wrinkling and aging. UVB causes a sunburn.
  30. The oustide layer of skin is called the dermis.
    False. The epidermis.
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