1. Ratio of women to men
    in PR

    3:1 over men

  2. Name of the largest
    organization of PR professionals

    • Public Relations Society of America
    • PRSA
  3. Three
    top skills for entry-level position
    • Strong written, Verbal communication
    • Enthusiasm
    • Personality
  4. How many PR
    professionals lied on job, according to 2000 survey?
    25%, 39% exaggerated the truth
  5. Know the six planks
    of the PRSA ethics code
    • Honesty
    • Fairness
    • Loyalty
    • Advocacy
    • Expertise
    • Independence
  6. Ivy Lee
    • •the father of the
    • modern PR industry
    • –Former newspaperman, was
    • hired in 1906 to rebuild the tarnished images of U.S. coal mine owners
    • –Lee believed that the goal of public relations was not to fool or ignore the public
  7. Edward Bernays
    • Freud’s nephew
    • Applied behavioral sciences to PR
  8. "Tourches of Freedom"
    • Made smoking fashionable for women
    • Celebration of suffrage
    • And suffering
  9. Lucky Strikes
    • –Women wouldn’t buy
    • because of green package

    • –Solution: Make green
    • fashionable

  10. Crisis Management
    is the action used to repair a client’s public image following an emergency, such as a major error, accident, or sabotage
  11. Lobbying
    is any attempt to influence the voting of legislators
  12. News Releases
    are short documents, written in standard news form, for insertion into news reports:
  13. Video News Realeases VNRs
    are ready-to-broadcast tapes
  14. Public Service Anouncements PSAs
    • –Community-service announcement
    • –On radio or TV
  15. Astroturf lobbying
    political organizations or campaigns that appear to be made up of grassroots activists but actually are organized, run by corporate interests
  16. Internal PR
    • •those within the
    • client’s organization

    • •includes employees,
    • stockholders, and members
  17. External PR
    • •those outside the
    • client’s organization

    • •includes the community, the
    • news media, customers, voters, and legislators
  18. Demographics
    characteristics of population by age, gender, income, etc.
  19. Psychographics
    measure of attitudes, values
  20. What did the Water Environment Federation represent?
    Sewage Sludge Plants
  21. What word did they get in the dictionary to replace what their product had been called?
  22. What war was the first to be sold to the American public by propaganda?
  23. What later war involving the U.S. was described as “a PR triumph of the first order”?
    Gulf War
  24. The final speaker called for “a more democratic creation of a _______ environment.”
  25. How has product placement been done traditionally?
    Tv & Radio
  26. Deep brand integration
    Not only connected to plot, it is the plot
  27. Hypercommercialism
    Integrating movies into marketing
  28. Placement agencies
    Companies between advertisers and movie producers
  29. What movie and what product demonstrated the power of product placement?
    Dirty Harry & the .44 magnum
  30. What do researchers say about subliminal messaging
    Its no more effective than regular ads
  31. Subliminal messaging in political campaign
    Bush, RATS
  32. Political speech
    Protected by first amendment
  33. stereotyping
    •Representing members of a group by using oversimplified characteristics
  34. Invisible stereotyping
    •Excluding people of a certain class, race or other group
  35. What was the increase in money spent on advertising from 1979 to 1999?
    160 billion
  36. How many ads are you exposed to every day, according to the video we watched?
  37. How are women of color often portrayed in ads?
  38. What two drugs do the most damage in America?
    Alcohol & nicotine
  39. How many people does nicotine kill compared to other drugs?
    440,000 vs 202,000
  40. How did Marlboro market cigarettes to women?
    red tips
  41. Why was Marlboro
    repositioned as a man’s cigarette?
    men wont use women product, but women will use men products
  42. How much do tobacco
    companies spend on advertising each year?
    9 billion
  43. Why do they say they
    spend so much on advertising?
    to get ppl to switch brands
  44. How many smokers
    switch brands every year?
  45. What is our main form
    of alcohol education?
  46. College students
    spend more money on alcohol than _______.
  47. Five rights in first amendment
    • 1. religion
    • 2. speech
    • 3. assembly
    • 4. petition
  48. How does the first amendment begin
    Congress shall make no law respecting...
  49. 4 forms of protected speech



  50. Obcenity
    offensive content with no social value
  51. Indecent
    Offensive content with some social value
  52. Defamation
    communication that injures one’s reputation
  53. Slander
    spoken language that defames person’s character
  54. Libel
    defamation of character in written or broadcast form
  55. Defenses against libel
    • 1. Truth
    • 2. The Times Rule
    • 3. Privilage
    • 4. Fair Comment
  56. Actual Malice
    Reckless disregard for truth
  57. What makes up 95 percent of libel cases involving news stories?
    "run of mill" local stories
  58. How many of every 10 libel verdicts is overturned?
    7 of 10 libel verdicts overturned on appeal
  59. Copyright
    Entitles authors and producers to their published or unpublished work
  60. Public Domain
    giving public free access to it
  61. First Sale Doctrine
    Purchasers of copyrighted work can resell or rent it out
  62. Fair Use
    Can copy a work for noncommercial use
  63. Trademark
    Words, symbols that identify seller’s goods
  64. Brand name
    trademarked name
  65. Sunshine Laws
    • •Ensure public meetings are
    • conducted in open
    • •Created in 1970s
    • •Doesn’t
    • require meetings open to public but must be to media and representatives of
    • public.
  66. Freedom of Information Act
    Info from all federal agencies available to public
  67. Privacy Act 1974
    All citizens have right to get personal files from any agency that has one
  68. Shield Laws
    Protect reporters from having to reveal sources
  69. Community Relations
    Public Relations activities designed to aid and to maintain a beneficial image with groups on the local, national, or global level
  70. Corporate Aid
    Community relations activity i which a company helps society on a large scale.
  71. News Hook
    The angle or approach that makes info newsworthy
  72. Publicity Stunt
    Any action designed to create a human interest story; many are outlandish or outrageous
  73. Trial Ballons
    Leaks in which the source reveals that some action is being considered, in order to test public feeling about the action before going ahead with it
  74. Handbills
    Announcements on single sheets of paper
  75. Trade Advertising
    Business-to-business promotions
  76. Consumer Advertising
    Ads directed to the retail customer
  77. Display ads
    Print ads that include artwork and fancy typefaces to capture the reader's attention
  78. Ad broker
    a liason between advertisers and newspapers
  79. Puffery
    Exaggeration in advertising claims
  80. Target marketing
    The process of breaking up the advertising audience into diverse segments to reach those individuals most likely to purchase a particular product.
  81. Englaands licensing laws
    Did not include freedom of religion, but had the right to protest.
  82. Seditious libel laws
    laws established in colonial america that made it illegal to criticize government or its representatives.
  83. Contempt
    Willful disobediance of the rules of a court or legislative body.
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