Sound and Semantic Change

  1. What are the changes of Grimm's Law?
    • bh > b; dh > d; gh > g
    • b > p; d > t; g > k
    • p > f; t > th; k > h
  2. How do you determine whether a word is native or borrowed?
    • Native words: contain the change from Grimm's Law
    • Example: treyes --> three, third

    • Borrowed words: no change.
    • Example: treyes --> tripod, tree
  3. What is metonymy?
    • Part/whole relationship.
    • Example: "wheels" is a part of "car"

    • A shift in meaning through connection without resemblance.
    • Example: red coat --> a soldier wearing a red coat
  4. What is widening?
    • When a word has a broader definition than it used to.
    • Example: Dog used to be "breed of a dog" but now it refers to any dog.

    *Also known as generalization, extension, broadening
  5. What is another word for elevation?
  6. What
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Sound and Semantic Change
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