Biblical Literature Part 5

  1. Who was the last good king of Judah?
  2. Who predicted the coming destruction of Nivevah during Josiah's reign?
  3. What prophet urged Judah to accept the coming Babylonian captivity?
  4. Who is Josiah killed by?
    Neco II in egypt
  5. What Southern King issued an edict to rebuild the temple and found writings of the law?
  6. When do they celebrate the greatest passover feast in the history of Israel since Samuel?
    when Josiah finds the writings on the law
  7. Who was the son of Josiah? and how is he dethroned?
    • Jehoahaz
    • he was replaced by Jehoiakim, older brother, by Neco II
  8. What Southern king does Nebuchadnezzar make his vassal?
  9. Who was the founder of the Neo-Babylonean empire?
  10. Who was Nebopolassar's son?
  11. what are the dual themes of Isaiah?
    • first part is judgement, second part is restoration
    • unity
  12. When did Jeremiah reign from?
    • Jehoahaz
    • Jehoiakim
    • Jehoiachin
    • beyond the fall of Judah
  13. What two jobs did Jeremiah have?
    priest and prophet
  14. What prophet did Jehoiakim kill?
  15. What does Jehoiakim do to the scroll that Beruke wrote for Jeremiah?
    he sliced and burnt it
  16. What two letters did Jeremiah write during Zedekiah's reign?
    • a letter to the captives to settle in
    • a letter thrown into the Euphrates
  17. what happens to Zedekiah?
    he watches his family get killed then they pluck his eyes out and take him to Babylon
  18. Who was appointed over Judah after Zedekiah?
  19. How was Gedaliah murdered?
    by Ismael who was sent by the king of Ammon
  20. Where is Jeremiah forced to go and how long does he stay there?
    • Egypt
    • for the rest of his life
  21. What does the word testament come from?
  22. What are the spiritual aspects of the New Covenant?
    • indwelling of the Holy Spirit
    • forgiveness of sins
  23. physical aspects of the New Covenant?
    • restoration of Israel to their land
    • joyful proseperity
  24. When is the first deportation to babylon?
    605 BC
  25. Who is taken in the first deportation?
    • Daniel
    • royalty
    • elite
  26. when is the 2nd deportation and who is taken?
    • 597 BC
    • Ezekiel
  27. When is the 3rd deportation?
    586 BC
  28. What happens during the 3rd deportation and who is taken?
    • Jerusalem, temple, wall are destroyed
    • Zedekiah is taken back and killed
  29. what does diaspora mean?
    scattering of the jews
  30. What king allows the Jews to go back to their homeland?
  31. Who suceeded Nebuchadnessar?
  32. Who was Evil-Merodach assassinated by?
  33. Who was Neriglassar's son?
  34. Who reigned after Labasi-Marduk?
  35. Who was Nabonidus the father of?
  36. Who was Balshazzar a devote worshipper of?
  37. Who was the king who read teh handwriting on the wall?
  38. What did Nabonidus do to himself?
    self imposed exile for 10 years
  39. Who defeated Babylon and Belshazzar?
  40. What was Gubaru also known as?
    Darius the Mede
  41. Who was the founder of the Persian empire?
    • Cyprus II
    • Cyprus the Great
  42. Who was Cyprus a vassal to?
    Astyages his grandfather
  43. Why was Astyages upset when Cyprus made a treaty with Nabonidus?
    he was bitter enemies with him
  44. Why was Cyprus considered an enlightened ruler?
    because he recognized the claims of native gods
  45. Who was Ezekiel's ministry to?
    the exile community
  46. What was the message of Ezekiel?
    • imminent destruction of Jerusalem
    • God will give a new heart to the people
    • God will bring them back to their land
  47. What does Daniel prophesy about?
    the 70 weeks of the last days
  48. When did Cyrus found the Persian empire?
    550 BC
  49. What was the Persian legal system?
    once an edict is declared it cannot be taken back even by the king
  50. What was the largest empire of the ancient world?
    the Persian empire
  51. Who cam in between the Persians and the Romans?
  52. Who assassinated Gaumata and became king?
    Darius Hystaspes
  53. What did Darius Hystaspes do?
    established a highway network and a postal system
  54. What's another name for Xerxes?
  55. Who built the royal palace at Susa and tried to conquer Greece but couldn't?
  56. When was Xerxes assassinated?
    after having affairs with many of his official's wives
  57. How did Ataxerxes take power?
    he killed his older brother
  58. When did the story of Esther take place?
  59. How many enemies did the Jews end up killing during the time of Esther with the help of the King's officials?
  60. What Feast is celebrated to this day by the Jews because of the deliverance of the Jews threw the story of Esther?
    Feast of Purim
  61. When did Cyrus issue his decree?
    538 BC
  62. Whose prophecies did Cyrus fulfill?
    • Jeremiah
    • Isaiah
  63. Who led the Jews back in the first return?
    • Zerubbel- political leader
    • Joshua- spiritual leader
  64. Who many exiles returned in the first return?
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