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  1. alloy v
    to debase by mixing with something inferior
  2. august a
  3. brook v
    to tolerate to endure
  4. die n
    a tool used for shaping as in a tool-and-die shop
  5. essay v
    to test or try to attempt
  6. fell adj
    inhumanly cruel
  7. flag v
    to sag droop become spiritless to decline
  8. flip a
    sarcastic impertinent
  9. ford v
    to wade across to the shallow part of a river
  10. grouse v
    to complain or grumble
  11. guy n
    a rope, cord, or cable attached to something as a brace or guide
  12. occult a
    hidden concealed beyond comprehension
  13. pied a
    multicolored, usually in blotches
  14. rail v
    to complain about bitterly
  15. rent v
    torn, an opening or tear caused by such
  16. quail v
    to lose courage, frightened
  17. qualify v
    to limit
  18. stand n
    a group of trees
  19. tender v
    to proffer or offer
  20. wag n
    wit, joker
  21. adumbrate v
    to foreshadow vaguely or intimate
  22. anathema n
    a solemn curese, accursed or thoroughly loathed person or thing
  23. anodyne a/n
  24. apostate n
    one who abondons long held religious or political convictions
  25. apotheosis n
    deification, glorification to godliness
  26. asperity n
    severity, rigor, roughness
  27. asserverate v
    to aver, allege, or assert
  28. assiduous a
    diligent, hardworking sedulous
  29. augury n
    omen, portent
  30. bellicose a
    warlike, belligerent
  31. calumniate v
    to slander, make false accusations
  32. captious a
    disposed to point out trivial faults
  33. cavil v
    to find fault without good reason
  34. celerity n
    speed, alacrity
  35. chimera n
    an illusion, originally an imaginary fire breathing she monster
  36. constumacious a
  37. denouement n
    an outcome or solution
  38. descry v
    to discriminate or discern
  39. desuetude n
  40. desultory a
    randon, aimless
  41. diaphanous a
  42. encomium a
    glowing and enthusiastic praise
  43. eschew v
    to shun or avoid
  44. excoriate v
    to censure scathingly
  45. execrate v
    to denounce to feel loathing for
  46. exegesis n
    critical examination
  47. expiate v
    to atone or make amends
  48. extirpate v
    to destroy to exterminate
  49. fatuous a
    silly foolish
  50. fractious a
    unruly refractory
  51. gainsay v
    to deny
  52. heretodox a
    unorthodox heretical
  53. imbroglio n
    difficult or embarrasing situation
  54. ineluctable a
    certain inevitable
  55. inimitable a
    one of a kind, priceless
  56. insouciant a
    unconcerned, carefree
  57. jejune a
    vapid uninteresting
  58. lubricious a
    lewd, wanton, greasy
  59. mendicant n
    a beggar
  60. meretricious a
    cheap gawdy flashy showy
  61. minatory a
    menacing threatening
  62. nadir n
    perigee, low point
  63. nonplussed a
  64. obstreperous a
    noisily and stubbornly defiant
  65. ossified a
    tendig to become more rigid
  66. palliate v
    to make something seem less serious
  67. panegyric n
    formal praise
  68. pellucid a
    transparent easy to understand
  69. peroration n
    the concluding part of a speech
  70. plangent a
    pounding thundering
  71. prolix a
    long-winded verbose
  72. propitiate v
    to appease
  73. puerile a
    childish immature
  74. puissance n
    power strength
  75. pusillanimous a
  76. remonstrate v
    to protest to object
  77. sagacious a
    having sound judgement
  78. salutary a
    remedial, wholesome, causing improvement
  79. sanguine a
    cheeful, confident optimistic
  80. saturnine a
    gloomy dark morose
  81. sententious a
    aphoristic or moralistic
  82. stentorian a
    extremely loud and powerful
  83. stygian a
    gloomy dark
  84. sycophant n
    toady servile self seeking flatterer
  85. tendentious a
    biased showing marked tendencies
  86. timorous a
    timid fearful diffident
  87. vitiate v
    to corrupt to debase to spoil
  88. voluble a
    fluent verbal having easy use of spoken language
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