Vocabulary Lesson 5

  1. antidote
    a substance that acts against a posion or medical problem
  2. antipathy
    great hatred, opposition, or disgust
  3. Antithesis
    opposite, direct contrast
  4. equilibrium
    balance between forces, stability
  5. equitable
  6. equivocal
    open to different interpretations, often misleading, or aviod the truth
  7. resilient
    able to recover quickly from problems, easily adjusting to change
  8. revelation
    dramatic disclosure, surprising news.
  9. subdue
    to conquer or bring under control
  10. subordinate
    less important, or lower rank
  11. subvert
    to weaken or undermine
  12. autobiology
    account of the person's life written by the person
  13. autoocratic
    having absolute power, domineering
  14. autonomous
    self-governing, independent
  15. eccentric
    odd, different from normal or ususal
  16. exorbiant
  17. exploit
    to take advantage of
  18. extricate
    to free or escape from difficulty, to disentangle
  19. impartial
    fair, just not biased
  20. incongruous
    out of place, not consistent or in harmony
  21. ingenious
    clever, inventive
  22. interminable
    endless, too long
  23. invincible
    unable to be conquered or defeated
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Vocabulary Lesson 5
Vocabulary Lesson 5