Biblical Literature Final

  1. What book covers the last of the judges and the first of the kings
    1 Samuel
  2. a national leader but a failed father?
  3. When does theophany turn to theocracy?
    1 Samuel
  4. Overall assessment of Eli
    • He was a failure
    • you fail at home you fail at life
  5. lifetime Nazarite who grew up in the tabernacle at Shiloh?
  6. Samuel appoints two kings. Who are they?
    • Saul
    • David
  7. Assessment of Samuel's life?
    • transformed Israel
    • first national leader after Joshua
  8. First king of the whole nation
  9. Saul's major character flaws?
    • Sacrifised instead of waiting for Samuel
    • Saul almost killed his son over a ridiculous oath
    • He doesn't completely destroy the Amalekites
  10. Exodus date
    1446 BC
  11. Split of the nation date
    931 BC
  12. Fall of Israel
    722 BC
  13. Fall of Judah and 3rd deportation?
    586 BC
  14. First deporation date?
    605 BC
  15. Second deportation date?
    597 BC
  16. man after God's own heart
  17. God's rewards to David?
    • Dividic covenant
    • victories
    • wealth
    • fame
  18. Series of bad decisions for David?
    • Self-gratification
    • decision to cover up his sins
  19. Who rapes Tamar?
  20. Who kills Amnon?
  21. What is the result of David's sin?
    the child dies
  22. What are the dates of Solomon's reign?
    971-931 BC
  23. Who thought he should be king instead of Solomon?
  24. When was the temple rebuilt?
    515 BC
  25. the "golden age" of Israel
    Solomon's reign
  26. Downfall of the nation under Solomon?
    • high taxes
    • manadatory national labor
    • led astray by wives
  27. what prophet goes to Jeroboam and lets him know that he will take 10 of the tribes?
  28. What are the characteristics of the Psalms?
    • express every emotion
    • summary of OT theology
    • helps the community of faith
  29. What is the primary characteristic of Hebrew poetry?
  30. What are the books of wisdom literature?
    • Proverbs
    • Ecclesiastes
    • Job
    • Song of Songs
  31. What is the aim of wisdom literature?
    intensely practical
  32. some main characters of Proberbs
    • a fool
    • the simple
    • the sluggard
    • the wise
  33. how to gain wisdom?
    • fear of the Lord
    • search for it like a hidden treasure
    • get it at all cost
    • guard your heart
  34. message: everything in life is meaningless without God
  35. What is the whole duty of man according to Ecclesiates?
    • fear God
    • keep His commands
  36. Arguements of Job's friends?
    • God is just
    • a just God rewards good people
    • Job was stripped of rewards
    • he must not be a good person
  37. message: Song of Solomon
    • true love between a man and a woman
    • true romantic love should continue into marriage
  38. when is the Dynasty of Jeroboam?
    931-909 BC
  39. Where had Jeroboam come out of exile from when he took over the Northern Kindom?
  40. What cities did Jeroboam choose as center's for the Northen Kingdom?
    • Bethel
    • Dan
  41. N- what king only reigned for 2 years after; son of Jeroboam?
  42. How many Northern dynasties were there?
  43. How many Northern Kings were there?
  44. Who was Nadab killed by?
  45. Who were the kings of the Jeroboam Dynasty?
    • Jeroboam
    • Nadab
  46. Who are the kings of teh Baasha Dynasty?
    • Baasha
    • Elah
  47. Who does Baasha kill?
    Nadab and the entire royal family
  48. How long did Baasha reign?
    24 years
  49. Who is Elah related to?
    Baasha's son
  50. How long did Elah reign?
    2 years
  51. Who was Elah killed by?
    Zimri, a trusted official of Elah's army
  52. Who did Zimri kill?
    Elah and the entire royal family
  53. What are the three different capitals of the Northern Kingdom?
    • Shechem
    • Terzah
    • Sumeria
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