intro to ppt

  1. Animation
    A movement that controls the entrance, emphasis, exit, and/or path of objects in a slide show.
  2. Annotation
    A written note or drawing on a slide for additional commentary or explanation.
  3. Footer
    Information that displays at the bottom of each document page, presentation slide, handout, or notes page.
  4. Header
    Information that displays at the top of each document page, presentation slide, handout, or notes page.
  5. Layout
    Determines the position of objects containing content on the slide.
  6. Normal view
    The three-pane default PowerPoint view used when working with a presentation.
  7. Notes Page view
    Used for entering and editing large amounts of text to which the speaker can refer when presenting.
  8. Placeholder
    A container that holds content.
  9. PowerPoint presentation
    An electronic slide show that can be edited or displayed.
  10. PowerPoint show (.ppsx)
    An unchangeable electronic slide show format used for distribution.
  11. Presenter view
    Specialty view that delivers a presentation on two monitors simultaneously.
  12. Reading view
    Displays a full-screen view one slide at a time that includes bars and buttons for additional functionality.
  13. Slide
    The most basic element of PowerPoint.
  14. Slide show
    A collection of slides that can be used in a presentation.
  15. Slide Show view
    Used to deliver the completed presentation full screen to an audience, one slide at a time, as an electronic presentation.
  16. Slide Sorter view
    Displays thumbnails of your presentation slides, which allow you to view multiple slides simultaneously.
  17. Status bar
    Contains the slide number, the design theme name, and View buttons, in PowerPoint.
  18. Storyboard
    A visual plan of a presentation that displays the content of each slide in the slide show.
  19. Table
    Organizes information in a series of records (rows), with each record made up of a number of fields (columns).
  20. Theme
    A collection of design choices that includes colors, fonts, and special theme effects used to give a consistent look to a presentation.
  21. Thumbnail
    A miniature of a slide that appears in the Slides tab and Slide Sorter view.
  22. Transition
    A specific animation that is applied as a previous slide is replaced by a new slide while displayed in Slide Show view or Reading view.
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