Health 101

  1. Different routes of drug administration
    • oral ingestion
    • inhalation
    • injection
    • innction
    • suppositories
  2. Different types of drugs
    • Perscriptional drugs
    • OTC drugs
    • Recreational drugs
    • Herbal preparations
    • Illict (Illegal)
    • Commercial preparations
  3. Short term affects of alcohol
    • Slowed reation time, and slurred speech
    • dulled scenses of taste and smell
    • broken capillaries
    • decreased pulse and repiratory rate
    • nausea
    • increased urination
    • decreased vaginal lubrication
  4. Long term affects of alcohol
    • Memory impairment
    • lowered disease resistance
    • weakened heart muscule
    • increased risk of liver cancer
    • chronic inflimation of the stomach and pancreas
    • increased risk of osteoporosis
    • increased risk of birth deffects
    • breast cancer
  5. Short term affects of tobacco use
    • Lightheadness; aroused mental state
    • irritates throat and airway
    • increased mucus and phlegm
    • increases respiratory rate
    • constricts blood vessels
    • increases blood sugar levels
    • supperesses appetite
    • insuces fatigue
  6. Long Term affects of smoking tobacco
    • Addiction and nicotine craving
    • Stained fingers
    • increased susceptibility to colds, flu
    • Increased risk of stroke
    • Increased risk of impotence, infertility
  7. 4 health risk for being over weight
    • Increased rates of depression and anxiety disorders
    • High blood pressure
    • risk of type 2 diabetes
    • higher rates of sexual dysfunction
    • Dramatically increased risk for all forms of heart disease
    • tendency toward more infectious disease
    • Increased risk of sleep apnea and asthma
    • Increased risk for colon, gallbladder, and kidney cancer
  8. BMR
    Metabolic rate (BMR) factors include age, gender, body structure, and activity level
  9. Know the negative effects of popular diets such as alli
  10. Steps to changing eating disorder
  11. Know the affects of Bulimia Nervosa
    • Throat can become inflamed and glands in neck and jaw can swell
    • Esophagus can become inflamed or rupture
    • Kidneys can malfunction
    • Laxative abuse can cause rebound constipation
    • Tooth enamel becomes degraded and stained by stomach acids
    • Heart problems due to electrolyte imbalence
    • Stomach can enlarge or even rupture
    • Digestive dysfunction
  12. affects of anerexia nervosa
    • Brain functin is impaired, depression, poor sleep, dizziness
    • Blood levels of nutrients like iron, calcium, and potassium, dangerously low!
    • kidney failure can lead to dehydration and death
    • digestive activity decreases and constibation and pain
    • musscle tissue is deplected as the body breaks down musscle for energy
    • Hair becomes thin, dry, brittle
    • skin becomes dry, fine hairs start to grow
    • Immune function decreases and infections become more likely
    • Heart fuction is disturbed
    • Reproductive hormones decrease and menstruation and fertillity cease in women
    • Nails turn brittle
  13. Ways to properly manage your weight
  14. Decision making process
    • What is the issue
    • Gather info and resources
    • possible solutions
    • outcome to those solutions
    • pick a solution
    • examine
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