The civil war notes and Amendments

  1. Tell about Fort sumter
    • Time: April 1861
    • Where:Sc
    • Generals: union, Anderson Confederate, Beauregard
    • Whinner:CSA
    • The Confederates opened fire; the war began
  2. Tell about Bull Run
    • Time: July 1861
    • Where: VA
    • Generals: union, McDowll Confederate, Beauegard
    • victor: USA
    • Both sides had a wake up call and "Stone was Jackson got his name from the battle.
  3. Tell about USS Monitor V. Merrimac ( CSS Virginia )
    • Time: March 1862
    • Where: Va
    • Victor: Stalemate
    • Other navies became obsolete
  4. Tell about Sheloh
    • When: April 1862
    • Where: Tennessee
    • General/Union: Grant and Sherman
    • General/Confederate: Johnston and Bearegard
    • Victor: USA
    • The union gained control of Tennessee+ It was a serious loss to both sides
  5. Tell about the secont battle of Bull Run
    • Time: August 29 1862
    • Where: VA
    • Generals/Union: Pope
    • General/Confederate: Robert E. Lee
    • Victor: CSA
    • The CSA cleared out Manassas and Lee phisicly attacked Pope
  6. Tell about Antietam
    • Time: September 1862
    • Where: Maryland
    • Generals/Union: Burnside McClellan
    • Generals/Confederate: Robert E. Lee and Long Street
    • Victor: CSA
    • A poinless war; more than twice the number of people died than the war of 1812. Lee failed 20,000 died
  7. Tell about Fredericksburg
    • Time: December 1862
    • Place: Verginia
    • Generals/Union: Burnside and Mcclellan
    • General/Confederate: Robert E. Lee and Long street
    • Victor: CSA
    • Burnside was dissmised Union hopeless
  8. Tell about Chancellorsville
    • Time: May 1863
    • Place: VA
    • Gererals/Union: Hooker
    • Generals/Confederate: Robert E. Lee
    • Victor: CSA
    • Stonewall Jackson died and it was the mos costly battle of the civil war for the south
  9. Tell about Gettysburg
    • Time: July 1863
    • Place: Pnnslvania
    • General/Union: Meade
    • Gereral/Confederate: Robert E. Lee
    • Victor: USA
    • The battle was the turning point of the war and It killed a huge chunk of the CSA's army. The tactic "Picketts Charge" was used
  10. Tell about Vicksburg
    • Time: May-July 1863
    • Place: MS
    • General/Union: Grant
    • General/Confederate: Pemberton
    • Victor: USA
    • With gettysburg it bacicly sucured the victory to the USA and the entire civil war. Gave Grant military fame.
  11. Tell about Atlanta
    • Time: Summer 1864
    • Place: Atlanta Georgia
    • General/Union: General Sherman
    • General/confederate: Hood/Johnston
    • Victor: USA
    • Atlanta fell which was the stong hold for the war. Total war used for the first time
  12. What were Lincon's thoughts for the south
    He wanted "A Just and lasting Peace", and he also wanted people to return to their normal lifes.
  13. What was The Freedmen's Burear
    Created by congress to provide food, clothing, shelter, and education for blacks
  14. What were the black codes
    It made laws against slaves that made them not entirly free. Some examples were the blacks could not go to public sckools, They had no voice in the government, and a white person could make a black person sighn a contrack that made them work in the fields
  15. What was the 13th Amendment
    It bacicly baned slavery
  16. What was the Civil rights act
    It stoped the black codes Even when the president veto it three times
  17. What was the 14th Amendmen
    Make black cizens
  18. What wa the Military Reconstruction
    Soldiesr came to the outh and enforced the black laws
  19. Who were Carpetbaggers
    Northerns who came to south to work teach and help out. The southerners hated them
  20. What was the 15th Amendmen
    It gave the Black men the right to vote
  21. What does it mean to be impeached
    It was when the congress voted on weather the president shoud stay or not and if not then he was kicked out of office
  22. What happened to johnson's impeachment?
    he was not found guilty
  23. What were the two things that happen to Johnson that had never happened befor?
    A vito by the president and it still happened anyway and he was impeached
  24. Who called Johnson's impeachment
    Betherford B. Hayes
  25. Who was Rutherford B. Hays and what did he do
    • Elacted under Shady circumstances
    • Pulled US troops out of the south which set the civil rights act way back
  26. What did the Emancipation Proclamation do
    It was a punishment to the south and it freed the slaves in the south but did not completely get rid of slavery
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