Heart Failure

  1. What is a condition where thr heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the metabolic needs of the body?
    Heart Failure
  2. What is a condition that causes reduced exercise tolerence, reduced quality of life, and a shortened
    Heart Failure
  3. Classification of HF with no symptoms?
    Class I (mild)
  4. Classification of HF causing slight limitations in physical activities?
    Class II (mild)
  5. Classification of HF with marked limitations in activity but OK at rest?
    Class III (moderate)
  6. Classification of HF with dyspnea at rest, activity is very limited?
    Class IV (severe)
  7. What is the only major cardiovascular condtion whose incidence continues to rise in the U.S. and the world?
  8. Most causes of HF result from dysfunction of the what part of the heart?
    Left Ventricle
  9. Congestive Heart Failure affects which side of the heart?
    Left-Think lungs-congestion-congestive-because blood back up into the lungs
  10. HR X SV = ?
  11. Abbreviations......CO....HR.....SV
    CO-cardiac output HR-heart rate (duh) lol SV-stroke volume
  12. What is SV influenced by?
    contractility, preload and afterload
  13. What is Ejection Fraction?
    measures how much blood the heart ejects. 50% and above is OK. <50% is abnormal.
  14. What is...the inability of the heart to generate an adequate CO to perfuse vital organs. The heart muscle becomes weak and enlarged. It is unable to pump enough blood forward when the ventricles contract. Ejection fraction id less than normal?
    Left-Sided Heart Failure
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