Dental Assisting Mode 130 Unit 4

  1. True or False:
    Most states have lawd that require inspections of dental x-ray equipment on a regular basis.
    • True
  2. Based on the consumer-patient radiation and safety act there are two major requirements for all persons taking x-rays, what are they?
    Properly Trained And Certified.
  3. What is Disclosure?
    Process of informing the patient about the nature and purpose of dental radiographs.
  4. True or False:
    The x-rays are the property of the dentist?
  5. If the patient refuses x-rays the dental assistant should?
    • Educate the Patient
    • Document Patients Refusal
  6. A way to ensure that high quality diagnostic radiographs are being produced is through quality assurance which includes.
    • Quality Contral Test
    • Quality Administration Procedures.
  7. The film appears clean with a slight _____ tint when it is fresh and has been properly stored and handled.
  8. What type of test is done to check the safelight in the darkroom?
    Coin Test
  9. True or False:
    Maintaining the freshness of the processing solution is the most critical component in the film processing control.
    • True
    • The processing solutions are the most critical component in the quality control of film processing.
  10. Name two test perform to check the strength of the developer.
    • Reference Radiograph
    • Stepwedge Radiograph
  11. The film is properly processed when left in the fixer solution for approximentely____ minutes.
  12. True or False:
    The dentist is responsible for the overall quality assurance in the dental practice.
    • True
    • The dentist is ultimately responsible for overall QA.
  13. The digital _______ should use FDA- cleard Baarriers according to the CDC guidelines for infection control in Dental Health-Care Settings.
  14. After the removal of an exposed x-ray from a patient's mouth wipe the film using a dry _____ gauze sponge or a paper towel.
    2x2 inch
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