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  1. abacus
    an ancient counting device
  2. abstain
    do without voluntarily
  3. acrophobia
    fear of heights
  4. advocate
    • argue a certain point of view
    • offer support
  5. aerie
    a man-made habitat for birds
  6. aficiando
    an enthusiast
  7. agile
    • moves easily like an athlete
    • nimble
  8. alchemist
    an early (medieval) practitioner of chemistry
  9. altercation
    a dispute that has gotten out of hand
  10. anecdote
    short account of an interesting incident or event
  11. anvil
    hard metal surface upon which a blacksmith hammers
  12. arbiter (or arbitrator)
    • one who settles a dispute
    • one who mediates
  13. arthropods
    small wingless insects (spiders, scorpions�)
  14. article
    • an essay usually appearing in a newspaper or a magazine
    • note that an editorial is an example of an article
  15. astrologer
    person who claims to interpret the influence of the stars on events and persons
  16. atlas
    a book of maps
  17. ballad
    • a story
    • note that a drama is a type of a ballad
  18. banal
    commonplace, trite
  19. boulder
    a very large stone
  20. bovine
    of or like a cow or an ox
  21. caliper
    instrument used in measuring thickness
  22. calligraphy
    handwriting, especially exceptional handwriting
  23. campaign
    series of reltated military operations
  24. cartography
    the making of maps or charts
  25. cascade
    the tumbing flow of water as in a waterfall
  26. chimes
    sets of tuned bells, the sounds that tuned bells make
  27. coarse
    • rough to the touch
    • opposite of silky
  28. cobbler
    a shoemaker
  29. collonades
    strong columns that serve as support for some building or structure
  30. combine
    ma refer to a machine used to harvest crops
  31. commendable
    worthy of praise
  32. conductor
    one who directs (especially of an orchestra)
  33. convivial
    fond of socializing with friends
  34. cornucopia
    a horn shaped container that, when filled, symbolizes plenty
  35. credulous
    extremely na�ve or gullible
  36. dash
    can refer to a small amount being added (like a pinch)
  37. decibel
    a unit that is used to measure the intensity of sound
  38. deciduous
    a type of tree that loses its leaves In winter
  39. diatribe
    a bitter outburst aimed at a person or an idea
  40. discreet
    carefully sensible in speech and action
  41. dogmatic
    positive in one's opinions, overbearingly certain
  42. ebb
    fade, lessen, weaken
  43. emblem
    a visible symbol such as a flag
  44. endeavors
    attempts at, tries for
  45. engraving
    • an artistic carving
    • a form of printing
  46. enterprise
    an undertaking or project
  47. epicure
    a person with a refined taste in eating and drinking
  48. epicurean
    one who is fond of pleasure and luxury
  49. epitaph
    • a short statement said in memory of a dead person
    • an epitaph often appears in tombstone
  50. equine
    of or pertaining to horses
  51. erratic
    wildly inconsistent
  52. fa�ade
    the decorative front of a building
  53. facet
    a division (cut) of a diamond just as a period is a division of an era
  54. fallow
    • uncultivated, inactive
    • an unseeded field is said to be lying fallow
  55. famine
    • a period of extreme lack of food
    • a famine might be caused by a drought
  56. feline
    of or like a cat
  57. flimsy
    • very light
    • lacking substance
    • not thick
  58. foreman
    one who is in charge (the foreman of a ranch)
  59. gaudy
    showy but cheap, flashy
  60. generic
    having to do with a class (grouping) in general
  61. geyser
    a fissure in the ground that spews water
  62. gorged
    consumed to excess, overeat
  63. hangar
    building in which airplanes are kept
  64. holster
    pocket for a gun or pistol
  65. hue
    a certain shade of color
  66. humidor
    a container for cigars
  67. imbue
    • fill (especially with moisture or color)
    • inspire
  68. impassive
    without feeling or emotion
  69. impede
    hinder or halt some movement
  70. impel
    • thrust forwards
    • the oppsite of impede
  71. imperative
    an absolute necessity, a requisite
  72. improverish
    make poor, oppsite of prosper
  73. insatiable
    a hunger that cannot be satisfied
  74. irrigation
    man made canals used to bring water to dry land
  75. inept
    lacking skill
  76. laud
    praise, opposite of criticize
  77. lumen
    a unit that is used to measure the intensity of light
  78. languish
    diminish, weaken
  79. mandrill
    a type of monkey (baboon)
  80. manifest
    a list of passengers for a plane or ship
  81. marsupial
    • an animal that carries its young in a pouch
    • note that a kangaroo is a marsupial
  82. metaphysic
    one who studies philosophy
  83. metropolis
    a large city
  84. minute
    very tiny
  85. miser
    one who is very cheap, a stingy person
  86. naivete
    the tendency to be easily duped or overly innocent
  87. nano
    a prefix meaning one billionth of
  88. niacin
    a prescription drug that treats heart disease and high cholesterol
  89. nosegay
    a bouquet of flowers
  90. numismatics
    the study of coins and medals
  91. odometer
    instrument used to measure the distance ravelled
  92. osteopathy
    treatment of disease by manipulation of the bones
  93. pane
    a plate of glass that is a component of a window
  94. panorama
    a wide expansive view
  95. paraffin
    wax-like substance used for making candles
  96. pebble
    a small stone
  97. penurious
    stingy, unwilling to spend money, extremely poor
  98. philatelist
    one who collects stamps
  99. physiognomy
    facial feature
  100. pica
    line of type that is 12 points
  101. piscine
    pertaining to fish
  102. placid
    calm, undisturbed
  103. porcine
    of or like pigs (hogs)
  104. pragmatist
    one who gauges value by practical consequences
  105. prudent
    sensible, discreet, wisely cautious
  106. pundit
    one known for the rendering of opinions
  107. pyrophobia
    fear of fire
  108. raconteur
    a skilled teller of stories (anecdotes)
  109. reclusive
    tending to withdraw from the company of others
  110. reign
    th time period an autocrat (emperor) rules
  111. relativist
    • one who judges things by their comparative value
    • a type of pragmatist
  112. sapling
    a young tree
  113. score
    one-fifth of a century (20 years)
  114. scurvy
    a disease caused by the lack of vitamin C
  115. sensualist
    one who is fond of pleasure, a modern epicurean
  116. shutter
    a device that opens and closes in front of the lnse of a camera
  117. slothful
    lazy, indolent, not industrious
  118. sonata
    a piece of music
  119. spoke
    that part of a wheel that connects the center of the wheel to its rim
  120. stolid
    impassive, showing no emotion
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