1. "Birth of Venus" by Boticelli (Italian)
    Sacifices all scientific advances of the day: No Chiarscuro, No perspective and Anatomy of Venus is abstracted.
  2. "Mona Lisa" by Da Vinci
    • New type of portrait
    • 3/4 body
    • Hands depicted
    • Sfumato "Light smoky Shading"
    • Atmosheric Perspective
  3. Van Eyck - oil painting starts in northen Europe.
    Father of oil paintinf because he invents Turpentine
  4. "Giovanni Arnolfini and his Bride" By Van Eyck
    • 10 symbols of marriage:
    • 1. holy ground had to have your shoes off
    • 2.Had to have a witness and date Van Eycks signature on the wall
    • 3.One lite Candle ment that god is now persent and (Obersvaing)
    • 4.The Whisk broom (on the right) means her wifely duties and chores
    • 5.The broom hangs from the bed post which is a carving of St. Margaret, Patron of Saint wives
    • 6.Holding hands means they are "one"
    • 7.The colors of Giovannas Clothes are Symbolic:
    • white=purity
    • blue=virgin mary
    • green=fertillty
    • 8.Beds means they will conumate their marriage on thir Honymoon
    • 9.She holds her dress to her belly in hopes of having childern
    • 10. The little dog means that they wont cheat.
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