Communication 319

  1. Five Canons of Rhetoric
    Invention, Disposition, Style, Memory, Delivery
  2. Invention
    The art of what to include in the speech including the three rhetorical appeals
  3. Disposition
    Also known as organization or arrangement.

    What was accomplished and how it was organized`
  4. Style
    Use of language in the rhetoric
  5. Memory
    Speaker used to memorize the speech
  6. Delivery
    How well the speaker presented the message.
  7. Logos
    Appeal of rational thought
  8. Ethos
    Speaker credibility
  9. Pathos
    Appeal to the audiences emotion.
  10. Respect for Persons
    • Persons should be treated as autonomous agents
    • Persons with diminished autonomy are entitled to protection.
  11. Autonomy
    Allow the person to make the choice.
  12. Protection
    People who are considered incapable of making decisions
  13. Beneficence
    • Obligation of:
    • Doing no harm
    • Maximize possible benefits and minimize possible harms.
  14. Justice
    Making sure the people in the study will be the persons benefiting from the study
  15. Risks and Benefits
    Think about a plan for minimizing the risks and maximizing the benefits.
  16. Selection of Subjects
    making the person are benefiting and vulnerable populations are protected.
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