1. what was the proclamation of 1763? why was this bad?
    england tells the colonists they can't go west of the appalachians. they fought for the land and now they cant go over there.
  2. what was the wool act, hat act, sugar act, iron act, molasses act?
    colonists were told where to sell and buy their wool, limited number of people could make hats, taxes on sugar to STOP SMUGGLING, tax on iron, taxes on molasses.
  3. what was the colonial currency act?
    colonies cant print money
  4. what was the quartering act?
    if a british troop wants to stay in your house and eat your food, you let them.
  5. what was the navigation act?
    all colonial trade must be on british ships, and all trade must go through britian
  6. what was the writ of assistance?
    papersaying that the british could search anything, at any time.
  7. who was a founder of the Sons of Liberty?
    Samuel Adams
  8. what was the stamp act?
    taxes on practically anything that was paper
  9. colonists passed laws atating what?
    that only colonists could tax other collonists, not the british
  10. what happened at the boston massacre?
    british troops killed 5 colonists
  11. who was the first person killed at the boston massacre?
    crispus attucks, african american
  12. what was the townshend ascts?
    tax on lead, paper, paint, glass, etc. all of these goods were imported to the colonies
  13. what was the declaratory act?
    declares parliament can pass any law to control the colonies
  14. paul revere creates the _____ which has alot of ___________ in it?
    the engraving, propaganda
  15. who was the only company allowed to import tea? and this is called what?
    british east india company, monopoly
  16. what are the 4 parts of the intolerable act?
    close the harbor until tea is paid for, quartering act, thomas gage was put in charge of massachusetts, boston put under martial law
  17. what happened at lexington and concord?
    general gage sent 700 troops to concord to seize weapons. wants to go in secret but it doesnt work. paul revere warns sameul adams and john hancock. minutemen meet british in lexington, battle was 70 vs. 700. 8 killed, 9 injured colonists, 1 british. british didnt find any weapons. as they march bakck to boston, british were shot from trees by 3000-4000 militia. 200 wounded, 73 dead.
  18. who were the green mountain boys? who led them?
    studly group of people who captured fort ticonderoga. ethan allen
  19. what happened at bunker hill?
    1200 militia on bunker and breeds hill overlooking boston. british wanted to retake the hill (2400 british) british capture the hill on the 3rd attempt. americans ran out of gun powder. british win, but lose 1000 men.
  20. who were loyalists? patriots?
    loyal to britain, wanted independence
  21. what was the olive branch petition about? what did the king do about this?
    colonists wanting peace. the king refused it
  22. thomas wrote what 2 important documents?
    common sense and the crisis
  23. britain king hires ________soldiers called_______.
    german, hessians
  24. what were some adv to the patriots? british?
    fight at home, george washington, british ships supplies to them. 6.5 more people, strong army, wealthy, some colonists didnt want to fight.
  25. what happened at the battle of long island?
    colonial army suffers defeat. colonies severely outmanned. many colonists desert the army. thomas paine wrote the crisis to remind them why theyre fighting.
  26. what happened at the battle of trenton and princeton?
    britain wont fight in the winter cause its cold, so washington was smart and suprised the british. george wins princeton.
  27. what happened at valley forge?
    during the winter, so some got very cold, troops died or left the army. only the strongest stayed. made their army stronger.
  28. who was Frenchman Marquis de Lafeyette and what did he do?
    was french and helped train the us troops.
  29. who was Pulaski and what did he do?
    from poland and tarined us troops
  30. who was Fredrich von Steuben and what did he do?
    from germany and trained us troops.
  31. what does inflation mean?
    rise in taxes
  32. what did the women do for the war?
    they washed clothes, helped with cannons....
  33. what happened in the final parts of the war?
    britain hopes to win in the south, then the north. south has many slaves and loyalists. british gows on an island in VA, Yorktown. british, cornwallis, surrender after 2 weeks. INDEPENDENT COUNTRY!!!
  34. what wsa the treaty of paris about?
    us is an independent nation. britain doesnt need to leave though. britain wouldnt protect native american allies.
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