Med Terms CH.6

  1. arthralgia
    joint pain
  2. ataxia
    can't coordinate muscles furing voluntary movement
  3. atrophy
    reduced muscle size due to lack of movement
  4. bradykenesia
    abnormally slow movement
  5. decalcification
    abnormal reducion of calcium in bone
  6. dyskinesia
    painful/bad/disfficulty in movement
  7. dystrophy
    deformity arising during development
  8. hypertrophy
    excessive muscle growth; working out
  9. myalgia
    condition of muscle pain; the "hurt" after workout
  10. tenodynia
    tendon pain
  11. achondroplasia
  12. ankylosis
    "condition of crooked"; stiff joints, hard to move
  13. arthritis
    inflammation and degeneration of joints
  14. osteoarthritis
    joints worn out over time and replaced by bone
  15. rheumatoid arthritis
    autoimmune disease; joints eroded by own's white blood cells
  16. arthrochondritis
    temporary local infection in joints; difficulty moving
  17. bunion
    enlargement of joint at base of big toe; caused by inflammation of bursa
  18. bursitis
    inflammation of bursa
  19. bursolith
    calcium deposit within a bursa of the foot
  20. carpal tunnel symdrome
    inflammation of wrist, pressure on median nerve, pain and difficulty moving
  21. carpoptosis
    weakness in wrist; can't support hand
  22. cramps
    involuntary muscle contractions
  23. degenerative joint disease
    cartilage degenerates
  24. Duchenne's muscular dystrophy
    skeletal muscle degeneration; some children born with this disease
  25. epicondylitis
    inflammation to epicondyle
  26. fibromylagia
    pain of muscles in limbs, face and trunk
  27. fracture
    break in bone
  28. Colle's fracture
    break in distal part of radius
  29. comminuted fracture
    fragmentation of bone
  30. compression fracture
    crushed break
  31. displaced fracture
    break causing abnormal alignment of bone pieces
  32. epiphyseal fracture
    break at growth plate of bone.
  33. greenstick fracture
    slight break that appears as a slight fissure
  34. nondisplaced fracture
    break in bones in which broken bones retain their alignment
  35. Potts fracture
    break in ankle that affects both bones in leg
  36. spiral fracture
    spiral shaped break caused by twisting
  37. gout
    sharp pain in joints of toes; collection of uric acid crystals in joints. uric acid is waste product from protien metabolism
  38. herniated disk
    rupture of intervertebral disk; sudden movement, lifting heavy objects
  39. kyphosis/lordosis/scoliosis
    curves in spines.

    lump/spine is bent forward/curved spine
  40. marfan's syndrome
    excessive cartilage at growth plates causing long limbs, tall thin body.
  41. meniscitis
    cartilage supprting knee and shoulder. inflammation
  42. myasthenia gravis
    serious muscle weakness; failure of muscles to respond to nerve stimulation
  43. myeloma
    tumor from red bone marrow
  44. myocele
    muscle tearing through fascia
  45. myositis
    local inflammation of muscle due to injury
  46. osteitis
    bone tissue inflammation due to infection
  47. osteitis deformans
    bone deformaties due to accleration of bone loss
  48. osteocarcinoma
    bone cancer
  49. osteosarcoma
    bone caner arising from connective tissue usually from within bone itself
  50. osteogenisis imperfecta
    imperfect bone development
  51. osteomalacia
    disease; softening of bones
  52. osteomylitis
    inflammation of red bone marrow
  53. osteoporosis
    loss in bone density, holes in bones; aging
  54. paraplegia
    paralysis below hips
  55. polylyositis
    "inflammation of many muscles"

    infection that causes group of muscle react with inflammation
  56. rickets
    bones are softened due to body removing calcium for other functions
  57. rotator cuff injury
    shoulder injury
  58. spondylarthritis
    inflammation of vertabrae joints
  59. sprain
    tear of collogen fibers in ligaments
  60. strain
    muscle tear
  61. temporomandibular disease
    joint of the lower jaw falls off. painful and difficult chewing and talking
  62. tendonitis
    inflammation of tendons
  63. tenosynovitis
    inflammation of synovial membrane around joint
  64. arthroclasia
    stiff joint broken during surgery to increase range of motion
  65. arthodesis
    surgical fixation of joint
  66. arthrogram
    xray to highlight synovial joint
  67. arthrolysis
    joint loosened from restrictions light calcium deposits
  68. arthroplasty
    surgical repair of joint
  69. arhroscopy
    examining joint using arthroscope
  70. arthrotomy
    surgical cut into synovial joint
  71. bursectomy
    removal of bursa
  72. chiropractor
    manipulator of bones
  73. chondrectomy
    removal of cartilage
  74. chondroplasty
    surgical repair of joint cartilage
  75. costectomy
    removal of rib
  76. cranioplasty
    repair of bones in cranium
  77. craniotomy
    incision into cranium (such as entering the skull to do something)
  78. diskectomy
    reduce pain of herniated disk by removing intervertebral disk
  79. spinal fusion
    adjacent vertebrae fused together after removal of disk to alleviate pain from herniated disk
  80. laminectomy
    removal of lamina to alleviate pain from herniated disk
  81. electromyography
    strength of muscle contraction measured
  82. fasciotomy
    incision into the fascia
  83. fracture reduction
    closed /open fracture reduction
    aligning the bones to their normal position to allow it to heal

    without/with use of surgery

    pins, screws can be used to fix bones together
  84. myoplasty

    surgical repair of muscle

    suturing of muscle during repair
  85. orthotics
    field of medical support involving prosthesis
  86. ostectomy
    removal of bone/unwanted bony formations
  87. osteoclasis
    "break bone". in cases where they healed incorrectly
  88. osteopathy
    medical field relationship between musculoskeletal and overall health emphasis on body alignment and nutrition
  89. osteoplasty
    surgical repair of bone
  90. podiatry
    foot health
  91. tenomyoplasty
    surgical repair of muscle and its tendon
  92. tenorrhaphy
    suturing tendon to close tear
  93. tenotomy
    surgical incisions made into tendon
  94. vertebroplasty
    surgical repair of vertebrae
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