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    Name the 6 reasons members are subject to alcohol/drug testing
    random, post accident, reasonable suspicion, follow-up, return to duty or new/promoting sworn employees
  2. PERS24
    With random testing, the computer selects ______________ employees per day, based on the employees _____________-
    • 3
    • ID #'s
  3. PERS24
    All FD property is subject to inspection at ________ and without ________
    anytime and without notice
  4. PERS24
    A post-vehicle accident drug test shall occur under what 3 situations?
    • Loss of life
    • bodily injury requiring treatment and transport
    • disabled vehicle requiring towing
  5. PERS24
    After a post non-vehicle accident with injury the _______, with _______-, may order testing for any member involved
    • BC/DC
    • reasonable suspicion
  6. PERS24
    Return from duty includes what two scenarios
    • administrative/summary suspension
    • leave of absence/reinstatements
  7. PERS24
    Along with new sworn employees, what other 2 groups of fire personnel fall under the same clause
    • employees selected for promotion
    • haz-mat personnel
  8. PERS24
    For random testing, Mon-Fri, the ____ or _______ will complete the selection of 3 names by ________ hours
    • asst chief or designee
    • 0700
  9. PERS24
    T/F Under no circumstances will the member be allowed off on any type of leave, until after the testing
    False emergencies requiring emer leave may be granted by the fire chief
  10. PERS24
    Uninjured drivers, including ______ will immediately report to ________
    • Tillers
    • closest county medical facility
  11. PERS24
    If the county designated medical facilities are closed the BC/DC shall contact ______. The ________ will be contacted anytime this service is used.
    • OMS
    • Safety officer
  12. PERS24
    Upon reasonable suspicion, notify the appropriate ranking officer, ______________ or above
  13. PERS24
    All information shall be carefully documented on a form ________
  14. PERS24
    The _________ is designated as the one who transports the member to the facility
  15. PERS24
    After "reasonable suspicion" testing, the employee will not work in ______________ until all test results are received
    emer operations
  16. PERS24
    If the ________ test is negative, the employee will be assigned to ________ until the _ test results are received
    • alcohol
    • HQ
    • drug
  17. PERS24
    The _________ will obtain a copy of the Breathalyzer results to include in the investigation.
  18. PERS24
    Follow up testing is performed on those who are under ____________ or _______ with the department
    • disciplinary action
    • agreement
  19. PERS24
    Employer who admits drug/alcohol abuse prior to notification of a positive outcome are encouraged to ________
    notify their supervisor
  20. PERS24
    Upon request of an employee for assistance, the immediate supervisor will arrange for testing per the guidelines under _________
    "reasonable suspicion"
  21. PERS24
    After testing the employee shall be referred to the ___________ for evaluation
  22. PERS24
    The ____________ will forward a notice to the __________ indicating a treatment plan has been established
    • EAP
    • Asst Chief
  23. PERS24
    T/F The div chief of the members battalion will determine the appropriate FD action
    False asst chief determines dept action
  24. PERS24
    Employees needing in/out patient care for medical or counseling, may use _________
    sick leave
  25. PERS24
    Those who refuse alcohol/drug test will be charged with _______ and be referred to an _____ with recommendation for termination
    failure to obey a direct order

    administrative hearing board
  26. PERS24
    The fire chief will terminate any ___________ who refuses to submit to testing
    probationary employee
  27. PERS24
    Anyone who tampers with any drug testing materials will be considered guilty of ____________
    refusal to test
  28. PERS24
    Employees whose Breathalyzer results are between __________ will be placed off duty on _____ time for the remainder of the shift
    • .02%-.04%
    • leave time
  29. After ___________ instances where the employee has measured .02%-.04%, they will be charged as _________
    • 3
    • repeat offenders
  30. PERS24
    A copy of the Breathalyzer results will be included in the _____________ official report
  31. PERS24
    Prior to the reporting of a positive test, the _____________ officer will contact the employee
    medical review
  32. PERS24
    If an employee tests positive, the ________ will notify the BC/DC who will _____ the employee
    • asst chief
    • summarily suspended
  33. PERS24
    Since a split sample is collected, the employee has ______ hours to arrange for the sample to be tested
  34. PERS24
    Members who are contacted by the _______________ will immediately return the phone call
    medical review officer
  35. PERS24
    T/F Employees will be paid overtime if the testing extends outside the regular hours
  36. PERS24
    A ________ hearing will be scheduled as per guidelines for summary suspencion
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