Psych Ch. 10 sect. 2

  1. Recognition
    memory retrieval where a person identifies something he/she has not experienced before
  2. Reconstructive memory
    • memory that has been simplified/enriched/distorted
    • depends on an individual's experiences and attitudes
  3. Confabulation
    act of filling in memory gaps
  4. Eidetic memory
    ability to remember (w/ great accuracy) visual info. with short-term exposure
  5. State-dependent learning
    when you recall info. easily when you are in the same physiological/emotional state or setting as you where when you originally encoded the info.
  6. Decay
    fading away of memory over time
  7. Interference
    blockage of a memory by previous or subsequent memories
  8. Proactive interference
    where an earlier memory blocks you from remembering related new info.
  9. Retroactive
    where a later memory/new info. blocks you from remembering past learned info.
  10. Amnesia
    loss of memory
  11. Infant amnesia
    the relative lack of declarative memories
  12. Elaborate rehersal
    linking of new info. to material that is already known
  13. Mnemonic devices
    • techniques for using associations to memorize and retrieve info.
    • Ex- ROY G BIV for colors of the color spectrum of light
  14. Method of Loci
    • going around and 'placing' each line of a speech in a different spot
    • Associations of parts of the speech w/ the certain places
  15. f
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