English unit 3

  1. 1803
    Louisiana Purchase
  2. 1812
    War of 1812; had the 1812 Overture and Star-Spangled Banner
  3. 1820
    Missouri compromise
  4. 1838
    Cherokees march the Trail of Tears
  5. 1848
    Seneca Falls Convention
  6. 1804
    Napoleon crowns himself emperor
  7. 1813
    Pride and Prejudice is published by Austen
  8. 1818
    Frankenstein is published by Shelly
  9. 1845
    Ireland potato famine
  10. 1853
    Crimean War
  11. Lost his wife to an infection due to a miscarriage; also wrote Psalm of life and the Tide rises and falls
  12. descendant of Anne Bradstreet, wrote old ironsides in 1830
    OliverWendell Holmes
  13. After her wife's death in 1853, he couldnt concentrate on any of his work, also wrote The First Snowfall
  14. Born in poverty and a Quaker, he got elected to the Massachusetts State Legislature; wrote Snowbound
  15. fastidious (adj.)
    hard to please; demanding
  16. orator (noun)
    a public speaker
  17. didactic (adj)
  18. apathy (noun)
    absence of emotion
  19. acrimony (noun)
    great harshness or bitterness
  20. iconoclastic (adj)
    ignoring classic beliefs and traditions
  21. exonerate (verb)
    to clear from guilt or blame
  22. reticent (adj)
  23. inherent (adj)
    existing as a permanent quality
  24. patronize (verb)
    to be condescending to someone
  25. larceny (noun)
    wrongful taking of possessions
  26. decorum (noun)
    having good manners in speech, dress, etc.
  27. candor (noun)
    freedom from bias
  28. implacable (adj.)
    not to be appeased
  29. espouse (verb)
    to adopt, to Marry
  30. eclipse (noun)
    the interception of one object with another
  31. deference (noun)
    respectful submission to another
  32. prudent (adj)
    wise in practical affairs
  33. amenable (adj)
    willing to answer
  34. pedantic (adj)
    intended to attract other's attention in one's learning
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