Self Care- Acne Treatment (Isotretinoin)

  1. What is the active form of Isotretinoin?
    cis-Retinoic Acid
  2. What is the MOA of Isotretinoin?
    • Binds RARs (mech unknown)
    • Dec. Hyperkeratization (normalize follicular epithelium)
    • Dec. Sebum production
    • Dec. P. Acnes
    • Dec. inflammation
  3. What is dosage of isotretinoin?
    • 0.5-1mg/kg per day
    • 2mg/kg per day for severe risk of scarring&disfigurement acne
    • x5 months= cum 120-150mg/kg per regimen
  4. How do you monitor Isotretinoin?
    • Liver fxn tests, lipid panel (baseline, week #4 & #8)
    • CBC & CMP (Baseline)
    • Depression s/sx
    • Preg test (2 negative tests first then monthly)
  5. What are the side effects of Isotretinoin?
    • Dry skin/peeling
    • Pruritis
    • Dry eyes (conjunctivitis)
    • Nosebleeds
    • Alopecia
    • Joint pain
    • Inc. LDL, Dec. HDL
    • Psychological
  6. When do you use Isotretinoin?
    • Severe acne
    • Inflammatory acne not responding to typical treatments
  7. How long does each course last?
    15-20 weeks
  8. When should retreatment start if needed?
    2 months after last course
  9. How many courses may be needed?
  10. What is the approved age?
  11. What is the pregnancy category?
  12. What is drug interactions of isotretinoin?
    • Vit A supplements
    • Tetracyclines
  13. How many forms of birth control must be used while on Isotretinoin?
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