1. What is the Divine Command Theory?
    morally right and wrong is matter of God
  2. For and Against War
    • For- controller of overpopulation, mother of invention
    • Against- armed conflict, violates Value of Life Principle
  3. Capital Punishment
    • For- no proof that criminals can be rehabbed
    • Against- Violation of Life principle, deny the chance of rehab
  4. Allowing someone to die
    • For- right to choose death, right to refuse medicine
    • Against- abandonment of patients, possibility of finding a cure
  5. Abortion
    • For- absolute right of women over their own bodies
    • Against- human life starts at conception
  6. Lying
    • For- less harmful than violence
    • Against- bad for society, word is no longer trusted
  7. Stealing
    • For- thrills and adventure, crucial emergency situations
    • Against- taking other's property, breakdown of trust
  8. Cheating
    • For- surviving, everyone does it
    • Against- unfair advantage against others
  9. Breaking a promise
    • For- changed circumstances
    • Against- destruction of personal relationships, domino theory
  10. What is a white lie?
    A falsehood not meant to injure anyone, and of little moral importance
  11. What is stealing?
    taking something without right in a sneaky way
  12. What is cheating?
    deceive by trickery, swindle, to mislead, to act dishonestly
  13. What is monogamy?
    most common type, traditional
  14. What is polygamy?
    having more than one wife or husband
  15. Masturbation
    • For- normal act, causes no ill effects
    • Against- abuse of one's sexuality, causes people to be preoccupied with sex
  16. Adultery
    • For- should have freedom
    • Against- direct violation of traditional family values, breaking of trust
  17. Pornography
    • For- to each their own
    • Against- degrading to humans, makes women objects, slippery slope
  18. Prostitution
    • For- victimless crime, social acceptance
    • Against- extramarital and commercial sex is immoral, causes crime, social diseases
  19. Premarital sex
    • For- sexual pleasure, private matter not public
    • Against- encouragment of promiscuity, having children
  20. Homosexuality
    • For- attraction is natural, genetic cause
    • Against- against religious teachings, no reproduction
  21. Define Utilitarianism
    act that brings greatest good to most people
  22. Define Ethical Egoism
    act that brings greatest good to yourself, individual based
  23. Name one Consequentalist theory
    Utilitarianism, ethical egoism
  24. Name one nonconsequentalist theory
    virtue ethics (character counts), care ethics
  25. Name one type of ethical egoism
    universal, individual
  26. Define Act Utilitarianism
    No rules for action because each situation and person is different. Perform act that will bring greatest good and least bad
  27. Define Rule Utilitarianism
    Follow rules that bring about greatest good
  28. Defense of the Innocent
    • Ethical egoism- would agree but only if in self interest
    • Divine Command Theory- depends on religion, but most consider self defense okay
    • respect human life at all costs
  29. Mercy death
    • Ethical egoism- act in self interest so okay
    • Utilitarianism- only if it brings greatest good for the greatest number
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