EDUC 3322 Study Guide

  1. Jackdaws
    A collection of artifacts or copies of relics from a particular historical period or event.
  2. basal reading
    Composed of a series of readers said to be written at successively more difficult levels.
  3. international literature
    books that are set in countries outside of the united states
  4. literature-across-the-curriculum
    the use of literature to replace or supplement textbooks in social studies, science, health, and math
  5. schemata
    prior knowledge about a topic stored in our minds.
  6. memoir
    focuses on reflections of subject and how the author felt about it, not the actual events.
  7. literary device
    any technique used deliberately to achieve a special effect
  8. authenticity
    research the background of an author and illustrator to determine their experioences or resarech related to teh story. Examine the values and beliefs of characers and whether they connect to the actual lives of people from within the culture.
  9. SSR
    Silent Sustained Reading, reading break for EVERYONE
  10. web
    graphic planning tool that reveals relationships between ideas - can help you creat a visual overview of a literature unit, including its focus, concepts, related book titles, and activities. Like a map, but it can change at any time.
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