Language Unit D Vocabulary

  1. accretion
    (n) a growth n size, an increase in amount
  2. animus
    (n) a feeling of animosity or ill will
  3. avuncular
    (adj) like and uncle in behavior, especially in kindness and warmth
  4. coagulate
    (v) to clot; to cause to thicken
  5. disintrested
    (adj) fair-minded, unbiased
  6. euphemism
    (n) an inoffensive and agreeable expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive
  7. flout
    (v) to scorn, to disregard with contempt
  8. hiatus
    (n) a gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity
  9. incorrigible
    (adj) incapable of being corrected or amended; difficult to control of manage
  10. macrocosm
    (n) the whole universe; a large-scale reflection of a part of the greater world
  11. mores
    (n) fixed customs of manners; moral attitudes
  12. opprobrious
    (adj) disgraceful, shameful
  13. patrician
    (adj) aristocratic
  14. portentous
    (adj) foreshadowing, ominous; eliciting amazement and wonder
  15. replete
    (adj) abundantly supplied, complete
  16. seamy
    (adj) morally degraded, unpleasant
  17. strident
    (adj) loud, harsh, unpleasantly noisy
  18. thwart
    (v) to block or prevent form happening; frustrate, defeat the hopes or aspirations of
  19. veritable
    (adj) being without question, often used figuratively
  20. yen
    (n) a strong desire, craving
  21. accede
    (v) to express appproval, to agree to
  22. amity
    (n) friendship, good will
  23. broach
    (v) to mention or suggest for the first time
  24. circumvent
    (v) to go around; avoid
  25. convalesce
    (v) to recover gradually form an illness
  26. discrete
    (adj) individually distinct, separate
  27. espouse
    (v) to take upon and support as a cause; to marry
  28. hegemony
    (n) the domination of one state or group over its allies
  29. inchoate
    (adj) being only partly in existence; imperfectly formed
  30. inveterate
    (adj) firmly established, especially with respect to a habit of attitude
  31. loquacious
    (adj) talkative
  32. mollify
    (v) to soothe in temper of disposition
  33. opine
    (v) to express an opinion
  34. patent
    (adj) obvious, evident
  35. provincial
    (adj) limited in outlook, narrow, unsophisticated
  36. remission
    (n) a lessening of intensity or degree
  37. stipulate
    (v) to specify as a condition or requirement of an agreement of offer
  38. tenuous
    (adj) having little substance or strength; flimsy, weak
  39. vehemently
    (adv) marked by extreme intensity of emotions of convictions
  40. veracity
    (n) accuracy, truth
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Language Unit D Vocabulary
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