Old Test Q's

  1. Hyperextension of forelimb indcates a lesion in...
  2. Anticlinal vetertebrae
  3. Vertebral Formula
    • C7
    • T13
    • L7
    • S3
    • Ca20
  4. Ligaments of Axial Skeleton
    • Nuchal Lig
    • Supraspinous Lig
    • Yellow Lig
    • Dors Longitudinal Lig
    • Ventral Longitudinal Lig
    • Intercapital Lig
  5. Inspiratory Muscles
    • Seratis Dorsalis Cranialis
    • Scalenus
    • External Internalcostal
    • Diaphram
  6. Expiratory mm
    • Seratis Dorsalis Craudalis
    • Rectus Abdominis
    • Internal Intercostal
    • External Oblique
    • Diaphram
  7. Deep Inguinal Ring is made up of
    • Internal Abd Oblique
    • Rectus Abdominus
    • Inguinal Lig
  8. Folds in stomach
    • Gatric Folds
    • or
    • Rugea
  9. Thoarcic Serosa
    • Visceral Pleura (lungs)
    • Parietal Pleura: Medistinal Parietal, Pericardial Parietal, Costal Parietal and Diaphramatic Pleura
  10. Location of Diphram
    6th intercostal
  11. what is the inguinal ligament
    Aponeurosis of external abdominal oblique m
  12. What is the vaginal ring?
    Point of invaginaion of peritoneum into inguinal region
  13. What parts of the penis consist of corpus spongiusum
    • Bulb
    • Glans
    • and
    • Area around the urethra
  14. Closed vs Open Castration
    • Closed: ligation of sperm cord w/o opening the parietal vaginal tunic
    • Open: ligation of parietal vaginal tunic, then ligating the spermatic cord
  15. Pocket of skin on pinnae
    Cutaneous Pouch
  16. What does the lat view sillhouette?
    Cran and Caudal surface
  17. Relationship btw olecronon and intercostal space
    5 intercostal space
  18. How do the Ureter pass through the bladder wall and why
    At an angle to prevent backflow into kidney
  19. Side?
    Descending duodenum
  20. Side?
    • Lateral
    • Plantar
  21. Side?
    Two Story Bone?
  22. Head of the Femur
  23. centesis
  24. oligio
  25. iso-
  26. tachy-
    fat, swift
  27. xiphous
  28. What par of the penis doesnt consist of corpus spongiosum?
  29. Dog can't bear weight on L rear limb,
    expecting femeral nerve damage, what area would not have any feeling?
    Dorsal Paw
  30. To do an epidural, the needle must pass through what structure to reach epidural space?
    ligamentum flavum
  31. NO joint
  32. Pelvic limb= UMN
    Thoracic limb=LMN
  33. Pelvic limb muscle in ct, but not dog
    Soleus muscle
  34. Signs of hip dysplasia
    Positive Ortalonti's
  35. Stricture that causes short penis
  36. A stomach axis less than a line drawn perpindicular to to the spine indicates:
    Small liver
  37. Used to demarcate the thorax from the abdomen
    Line of pleural reflection
  38. Clinical signs of cerebrum damage
    • seizures
    • proprioception
    • sensation (smell, sight)
  39. Clinical Signs of Brainstem damage
    • Balance
    • Nistagmus
    • Conciousness
  40. Clinical Sings of Diencephalon
    • ANS
    • hypothalmus and thalmus
  41. Signs on Cerebellum damage
    incordination, head tilt
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