1. left behind with subtotal thyroidectomy
    tubercles of zuckerkandl
  2. how can you treat post thyroidectomy hoarsness > 6mo
    medialize vocal cord
  3. thyroid hormone receptor found where
  4. function of thyroglobulin
    stores t3 and t4 in colloid
  5. what are the serum thyroid hormone binding proteins
    TBG, transthyretin, albumin
  6. malignancy risk with lingual thyroid
  7. tx of lingual thyroid
    • thyroxine suppression for sxs
    • also can resect or ablate with I131
  8. 1st initial test for thyroid nodule
    u/s and fna
  9. what can present as a complex cyst
  10. fna shows colloid
    repeat fna and follow if still shows colloid
  11. fna is indeterminate
    get technetium scan and if it is a hot nodule treat with thyroxine for 6 weeks; lobectomy if no decrease in size
  12. predicts poor prognosis in thyroid lymphoma
    b2 microglobulin LDH
  13. chance of malignancy with follicular cells found on fna
  14. type of follicular adenomas
    colloid, embryonal, fetal
  15. prognosis of papillary thryoid ca is determined by
    local invasion
  16. indications for total thyroidectomy for papillary ca
    • tumor>1cm
    • extrathyroidal dz
    • multicentric/bilateral
    • previous xrt
  17. indications for MRND in papillary thyroid ca
    extra thyroidal (capsular invasion, pos nodes metastatic dz
  18. mets from follicular go where
    bone (hematogenous spread)
  19. sxs of medullary thyroid ca
    diarrhea, flushing
  20. test for medullary thyroid ca
    gastrin, causes increased calcitonin
  21. path in medullary thyroid ca shows
  22. what prevents any attempt at cure with medullary thyroid ca
    liver and bone mets
  23. age of prophylactic total thyroid with central neck dissection for MEN IIa and IIb
    • IIa- 6 yrs
    • IIb- 2 yrs
  24. path of anaplastic thyroid ca
    vesicular nuclei
  25. side effects of I131
    sialoadenitis, gi sxs, infertility, parathyroid dysfunction, bone marrow suppression, leukemia
  26. decreases vascularity before operating on graves
  27. tx of graves in pregnancy
    ptu until 2nd trimester then surgery if still having sxs. Cannot use propranolol in 3rd trimester
  28. dx of hashimotos
    increase thyroid peroxidases and anti-thyroglobulin abs
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