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  1. What is the standard atmosheric air pressure at 68 degrees?
    0.0752 lb/ft3
  2. Describe the gas laws of Boyle's law.
    Boyle's law states that if the temperture of a given amount of gas is held constant, the volume of the gas will change inersely with the absolute pressure of the gas. V1/V2 = P2/P1
  3. Describe the Charle's Law
    Charle's Law states that is the pressure on a given amount of gas is held constant, the volume of the gas will change in direct proportion to the absolute temperature: V1/V2 = T1/T2
  4. Describe Gay-Lusac's Law
    Gay's Lucas Law states that if the volume of a given gas is held constant, the presure exerted by the gas is directly proportional to its absolute temperture. P1/P2 = T1/T2
  5. Name 3 types of air compressors.
    • 1.- Piston Compressor.
    • 2.- Screw Compressor
    • 3.- Vane Compressor..
  6. What components are used in a FLR unit and discibe each.
  7. What is mean by "dew point"?
  8. 4 considerations for analyzing or designing a pneumatic cicuit.
    • 1.- Safety of operation
    • 2.- Performance of desired function
    • 3.- Efficiency of operation
    • 4.- Costs
  9. What happen when compnents of a pneumatic system are oversized
    The result is excessive initial installation costs along with improved operating efficiencies.
  10. Describe a pneumatic vacuum system
    A system that is used in number of applications where a vacuum air pressure is used to perform a useful function.
  11. 3 uses of avaccum system.
    • 1.- To lift smoothly obcets that have a flat surface.
    • 2.- To hold material in place
    • 3.- To vaccum forming
  12. Benefits of using an acumulator as an auxiliary power system
    The benefit is to have more power to be used to crush cars for example
  13. 3 accumulator operating conditions
    • 1.- Preload
    • 2.- Charge
    • 3.- Final position af accumulator piston at end of cylinder stroke.
  14. Difference between Temperture and Pressure switch
    • Temperture: automatically senses a change in temperature and opens or closes when the temperature is reachd.
    • Pressure: opens and close their contacts based on system pressure.
  15. Difference between a Limit and Push buttom switch
    • Limit: they open or closes cicuits when they are actuated wither at the end of the retraction or extension stroke of hydaulic or pneumatic cylinder
    • Push button: they are use mainly for starting and stopping the operation of machinery.
  16. Explain the application of a Relay
    Relays are switches whose contacts open or close when their corresponding coils are energized.
  17. What is the difference of a normally close and normally open switch
    • Normally open switch is when the switch is not energized (false)
    • Normally close switch is when the swithc is energized or (true)
  18. Know the purpose of an electrical timer
    Timers are used as time delay devices to control the time duration of a working cycle.
  19. Explain moving-part logic device.
    Moving Part Logic (MPL) main porpuse is to require a machine operator to use both hands to actuate the machinery, thur ensuring that the operator's handare not in a positio to be injured by the machine as it is actuated.
  20. Table for AND
    Image Upload 1
  21. Table for OR
    Image Upload 2
  22. Table for NOT
    Image Upload 3
  23. Table for XOR
    Image Upload 4
  24. Table for NAND
    Image Upload 5
  25. Table for NOR
    Image Upload 6
  26. Explain the function of a Flip-Flop
    They provide a simple switching function whereby a pulse on one input line of the flip flop sets the circuit in one state.
  27. Explain how the Boolean algegra can be helpful
    Can be helpful that can be obtained by means of a finite number of the set operations union (OR), intersection (AND), and complementation (NOT)
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