History final

  1. Bartholomew Dias discover ____________.
    The cape of good hope.
  2. Who claimed modern day Brazil?
    Pedro Cabral
  3. What 3 ships did Christopher Columbus use?
    Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria
  4. Ponce ded Leon is famous for attempting to find __________.
    The fountain of youth
  5. Who was the first to circumnavigate the world?
    Ferdinand Magellan
  6. Who conquered the Aztecs?
    Hernando Cortes
  7. Who conquered the Incas?
    Francisco Pizarro
  8. Who founded the puritans?
    John Calvin
  9. Sir Frances Drake and his "seadogs" accomplished __________________.
    Being the second to circumnavigate the world.
  10. What was the Spanish Armada?
    The Spanish tried to fight England, the English found out about it and set an ambush that wiped out the entire Spanish armada
  11. Where is the lost colony?
  12. Who was the first child born in North America?
    Virginia Dare
  13. What are the name of the 3 ships the London Co used?
    Discovery, Susan Constant, Godspeed
  14. Who did Pocahontas marry?
    John Roth. Then changed her name to Rebecca
  15. What was the name of the first assembleage of an elected legislature?
    House of Burgess
  16. Who was the first negro born in America?
    William Tucker
  17. What was Maryland's purpose?
    A refuge for Catholics, set up by Lord Baltimore
  18. What was Bacon's rebellion?
    Nathaniel Bacon attacked Jameston and burnt it down.
  19. Who was the constantly re-eleceted governor of the Plymouth Plantation?
    William Bradford
  20. What was the Mayflower compact?
    They landed in unauthorized area so they claimed it for the king
  21. What was the Pequot War?
    Mohikans burnt down a fort, forcing the inhabitants to flee and then get slaughtered
  22. What was King Phillips war?
    Metcom was captured, decapitated and body cut into pieces for capturing a woman
  23. What caused the English civil war?
    King Charles I always fighting with parliment, ended with King Charles being decapitated
  24. Richard Nicolls lead the expedition that took over dutch held territory, changing it from _______&________ to _________&_________.
    • New Amsterdam and Fort Orange
    • New York and Albany
  25. Who started the "society of friends" also called ______?
    William Penn, Quakers
  26. The end result of the "Bloodless Coup" /Glorious Revolution was __________________.
    William III and Mary II becoming new leaders of England
  27. Young females teaching children out of their home was known as ____________.
    Dame school
  28. What was the name of the organization set up by Ben Franklin for mutual defense against the indians?
    Albany Congress Plan
  29. What was the name of the fort built as a last minute effort to protect washington and his troops from the French/Indian attacks?
    Ft. Neccestiy
  30. When General Braddock lost 2/3's of his men and the enemeys only lost 39 it was known as _____________.
    Braddock's Defeat
  31. What stopped the French and Indian War?
    Treaty of Paris
  32. The first continental congress met in ______________.
    Carpenters hall, Philadelphia
  33. The first shot of the revolutionary war was fired at ________________.
    Lexington Green
  34. The revolutionary lasted _ years, but it took another _ to sign the treaty.
    6, 2
  35. The British put in a naval blockade known as the ________________________.
    Prohibitoy Act
  36. Thomas Pane's book ___________ sold 100,000 copies in a few months.
    Common Sense
  37. Who designed the Declaration of Independance?
    Thomas Jefferson
  38. The first federal arsenal was established in ________________.
    Springfield, Massachusets
  39. The continental army was established in _____.
  40. The battle of bunker hill was actually faught at _______.
    Breeds hill
  41. The day the British left Boston was known as ___________.
    Evacuation day
  42. What was the turning point of the revolutionary war?
  43. The worst loss to indians in our history is ______________.
    St. Claires Defeat
  44. Who came up with the three branches of our Government?
    Edmund Randolph
  45. Who came up with the Virginia Plan?
    James Madison
  46. What was the grand compromise?
    Establishing the value of a slave. 3/5th of a person
  47. Who is the father of the U.S. Constitution?
    James Madison
  48. Who was the first V.P.?
    John Adams
  49. What lead to a three year war with the French?
    XYZ affair
  50. Who was the slave that Thomas Jefferson had an affair with?
    Sally Hemmings
  51. What was the name for educating little girls so they would grow up and educate their little girls?
    Republican Mother
  52. Who believed all should be educated with patriotism and nationalism?
    Noah Webster
  53. Who started the salve rebellion that ended with 27 slaves being hanged?
    Gabriel Prosser
  54. Who started the first modern factory in the US?
    Samuel Slater, spining mill
  55. Who invented the cotton gin?
    Eli Whitney
  56. Who was the principle architect of our nations capitol?
    Pierre L'Enfant
  57. What established judiciary review?
    Marbury vs. Madison
  58. Who presided over Marbury vs. Madison?
    John Marshall
  59. What was the name if Lewis and Clarks ship?
    Corps Discovery
  60. Who was the alcoholic brother of Tecumseh?
  61. Tecumseh was killed by a Kentucky congressman in ________________.
    The Battle of Thames
  62. ___________ also known as "Old hickory" defeated the Creek indians
    Andrew Jackson
  63. What was the forst built as a refuge for farmers to stay in at night?
    Ft. Mims
  64. Who was the Indian Chief at the battle of horseshoe bend?
  65. Who burnt Washington DC?
  66. What was the Fort used to protect Baltimore?
    Ft. McHenry
  67. Who wrote the national anthem?
    Francis Scott Key
  68. Who won the battle of New Orleans?
    Andrew Jackson
  69. What ended the revolutionary war?
    Treay of Ghent
  70. Who planted apple seeds and was nicknamed Johnny Appleseed?
    John Chapman
  71. Who's presidency was known as the Era of Good Feeling?
    James Monroe
  72. What lead to the US giving up all claims of Texas, yet we acquired Florida and the Pacific NW territory?
    Adams-Onis Agreement
  73. 36/30 was the line that divided which states would be slave states, known as the _____________.
    Missouri Compromise
  74. The _____________ stated that the US would not tolerate European Interfence in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere.
    Monroe Doctrine
  75. Andrew Jackson's presidency was known as the _____________.
    Era of the common man
  76. The name for Jackson's special cabinet of advisors was known as ____________.
    Kitchen cabinet
  77. The black hawk war was faught with the _____ and ______ indians.
    • Sauk
    • Foc
  78. The 5 civilized tribes were
    • Creek
    • Choctaw
    • Cherokee
    • Chickosaw
    • Seminole
  79. The act that gave the indians money to leave was called the _______________.
    Removal Act
  80. _______ was the Indian Chief that lead a group to Florida and ended up being the Seminole War.
  81. Who is an important to know supreme court judge?
    Robert B. Taney
  82. Who invented Morse Code?
    Samuel F.B. Morse
  83. Most southerners considered themselves Plain folks, and called slavery a __________________.
    Peculiar Institution
  84. Who was the slave that claimed to speak to god and lead a slave uprsing that lead to 57 people being killed?
    Nat Turner
  85. Who was the editor of "The Liberator" an abolitionist newspaper?
    William Lloyd Garrison
  86. Who started the abolitionist paper called the North Star?
    Fredrick Douglas
  87. The god given right to movement and expand territory was known as ___________.
    Manifest Destiny
  88. Who was the Mexican president that lead the military expedition against Americans in Texas?
    Santa Ana
  89. Who was the General of the Army of Texas?
    General Sam Houston
  90. In which battle did Sam Houston defeat Santa Ana?
    Battle of San Jacinto
  91. Which three events lead to the nickname bleeding kansas?
    • Sacking of Lawrence
    • Caining of Sumner
    • Pottawatomie Massacre
  92. Where did John Brown try to take over the town to make it a refuge for run away slaves?
    Harpers Ferry, VA
  93. Where were the first shots of the civil war filed?
    Fort Sumter
  94. What act allowed land granted colleges?
    Marill Act
  95. What is the 13th Ammendment?
    Abolish Slavery
  96. What is the 14th Amendment?
  97. What is the 15th Amendment?
    Voting rights
  98. The Grant Administration was known as the ____________.
    Era of good stealing
  99. Who founded Tuskegee?
    Booker T. Washington
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