physics 7

  1. kinetic friction always poopses the motion of an object.
  2. a block rests on a 60 degree plane. the normal force that the plane exerts on the block is
  3. if a car turns a corner too quickly you seem to be thrown against the door because of
  4. a large truck and a small car have a head on collision, which will experience the greastes impact force?
    the same for both
  5. an object expereinces no acceleration. which of the following cannot be true for the object?
    a single force acts on the object.
  6. which of the following is the reaction force to the gravitational force acting on your body as you sit in your desk chair?
    the normal force from the chair.
  7. the force of static friction always equals UsN
  8. if we known an object is moving at constant velocity, we may assume:
    the net force is zero
  9. an object moving at constant speed in a circular path
    has acceleration directed to the center of the circle
  10. the max value of static friction is usually ___ kinetic friction.
    grater than
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