Psy quiz 11

  1. The branch of psychology that studies how behavioral principles can be used to prevent illness and promote health is known as:
    • health psychology.
  2. Programs which typically include practice in stress reduction, self-protection, decision-making, self control, and social skills are called:
    life skills training.
  3. Which of the following is NOT one of the stages of Hans Selye's general adaptation syndrome?
    • a.resolution
    • b.exhaustion
    • c.resistance
    • d.alarm
  4. Which of the following would be the WORST type of stress for a person?
    One that is unpredictable and cannot be controlled.
  5. Deciding that the spider on your arm is a black widow would be an example of:
    primary appraisal.
  6. When Robert realized his company was on the verge of folding, he began sending out his resume to various companies in an attempt to remain gainfully employed. This example illustrates:
    • problem-focused coping.
  7. Raining on the day of your outdoor wedding would be classified as a(n) ________ obstacle.
    • external, nonsocial
  8. May does not want to go to college nor does she want to get a job, but she has got to do one or the other, according to her parents. She is experiencing which type of conflict?
    • avoidance-avoidance
  9. Penny's college roommate borrows clothes without asking, rarely contributes to the snacks in the fridge, and teases Penny constantly in front of others in the dorm. Although, deep down, Penny has come to really dislike her roommate, on the surface, she acts as if they are best friends. It is likely that Penny is using the defense mechanism known as:
    reaction formation.
  10. People who are exposed repeatedly to unpleasant events over which they have no control may develop a passive resignation to the event. This condition is called:
    learned helplessness.
  11. Jerry's doctor informed him that he found Jerry's SRRS to be quite high, which indicates a(n):
    increased chance that he will contract an illness.
  12. Psychosomatic disorders are those in which:
    physiological damage is caused by psychological stress.
  13. Barbara is a college student, who frequently strives to do two or more things simultaneously, tends to evaluate herself in terms of the number of A's earned or awards won, grinds her teeth in her sleep, and feels vaguely guilty when she relaxes on the weekends. Barbara would be described as:
    a Type A personality.
  14. Each evening before going to bed, Rachel tightens all the muscles in her feet, then voluntarily relaxes them. Then she tightens all the muscles in her legs, then voluntarily relaxes them. She does this all the way to her head. Rachel is practicing the technique of:
    progressive relaxation.
  15. Which of the following describes how AIDS kills its victims?
    • The virus weakens the body to other diseases.

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