Psych Ch. 9 sect. 1

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  1. Classical conditioning
    • a person's old response that becomes attached to a new stimulus
    • Ex.- Ring bell when giving dog food
  2. Neutral stimulus
    • a stimulus that does not initially elict a resopnse
    • Ex- a bell rung before a dog is trained it is time to eat when the bell rings
  3. Unconditioned stimulus (UCS)
    an event that has a certain predictable response without previous training
  4. Unconditioned response (UCS)
    • an automatic/ natural reaction to a stimulus
    • Ex-salivation of dog when smells meat
  5. Conditioned stimulus(CS)
    • once neutral event that gives a respones after a period of trainging where it has been paired w/ an unconditioned stimulus
    • Ex- bell causing salivation because rang when time to eat
  6. Conditioned response (CR)
    the learned reaction to a conditioned stimulus (bell ringing)
  7. Generalization
    • responding similarly to a range of similar stimuli
    • Ex- respond to circle and oval
  8. Discrimination
    • ability to respond differently to similar but distinct stimuli
    • Ex- circle but not oval
  9. Extinction
    • gradual disappearance of conditioned response when conditioned stimulus repeatedly presented w/out unconditioned stimulus
    • Ex- ring bell, no food
  10. Ivan Pavlov
    • classical conditioning
    • dog/salivation experiment
  11. John B. Watson
    used conditioning on human infant in the case of Little Albert
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