1. dorathy dix
    • social reformer for th etreatment of the mentally ill
    • wanted to improve the conditions of the jail and mental institutions
  2. ww1
    • Surgeon general recruited OT and PTs because of the large number of wounded
    • practice was standardized.m
    • medical legitimacy in the 1920s
    • forced profession to clarrify its role in medical communty and standardize training and practice. established clinics workshops and training schools worldwidee
  3. phillipp pinel
    • improved conditions in medical hospitals- unchaied people
    • Moral treatment
  4. Will
    • 1732-1822
    • issue with treatment of the medically ill
  5. work therapy
    science revolution
  6. moral treatment
    as an approach to mental disorder based on humane psychosocial care or moral discipline that emerged in the 18th century and came to the fore for much of the 19th century, deriving partly from psychiatry or psychology and partly from religious or moral concerns.
  7. Susam Trac
    • wrpte first textbook on OT
    • one of founders of Nat. Soc. of OT
    • looked at body, mind, and soul
  8. Dr Herbert Hall
    • handcicrafts for the handicaps
    • 4th president of AOTA
  9. eleanor clark siggle
    • one of founders of AOTA
    • "Mother of OT"
  10. Great Depression
    • more scientific approach for OT
    • hard for OT
    • Mental depression
  11. Adolf
    • author of philosophy of OT
    • founder of AOTA
  12. ww2
    • disability- broke down in injury
    • profession grew
    • helped people who survived
    • influx in women
  13. George Barton
    • attended 1st AOTA meeting
    • 1st professional organization NSPA
  14. Thomas Kidney
    • 1866-1932
    • founder of NSPOT
  15. vocational act
    • 1943
    • expanded t physical services
    • ppl more aware of OT
    • certified COTA- ot assistant
  16. ssusan johnson
    • use of craft in of
    • Creator of AOTA
  17. Rehabilitation Act
    • revieve services
    • full benifits for injured
    • cant discriminate based on injury= protects injured because they get OT
  18. Dr. William Rush Dunton JR
    • 2 books- Reconstruciton Therapy,
    • Creater of AOTA,
    • Father of OT
  19. individuals with disabilities act
    • 1975 improved conditions
    • prescholers- ot in schools
    • recieve til 21
    • can graduate/ go to college
  20. NBCOT
    • national board certification of OT
    • exam
    • taken every 3 years
  21. the hull house
    • created by jane adams
    • helped poor people have resources they needed to become full participants in comunities
    • preschools ect
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