Imflam Heart dis 3

  1. What does Dilated CMP often follow?
    Infectious Myocarditis
  2. What does Dilated CMP resemble?
    Heart Failure
  3. In Dilated CMP the muscle wall of the heart (thickens/does not thicken) while the ventricle chamber itself (increases, decreases, stays the same size).
    Heart muscle walls do not thicken. Ventricle increases in size.
  4. Can you explain the treatment for Dilated CMP?
    It's palliative, not curable. May require a transplant. Increase contractibilty and decrease afterload (as in HF).
  5. Where does extra fluid accumulate with Dilated CMP?
    Pleural cavity.
  6. What is the most common cause of sudden death in young, healthy people?
    Hypertrophic CMP
  7. In Hypertrophic CMP the heart muscle (gets thinner/gets thicker/stays the same).The ventricle cannot (contract/relax).
    Muscle gets thicker. Ventricle cannot relax
  8. In IHSS an ECHO will show what?
    (L) ventricle hypertrophy
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