Fam. Law Ch 11 pt 2

  1. Deposition
    • Written or Oral
    • Sworn responses to questions and under oath
    • Transcribed by a reporter
  2. Who should be present during a Deposition?
    • Attorneys
    • Court Reporter
    • Deposing Attorney's Client
  3. Notice of Deposition
    • Notice must be made in writing
    • Notice alone is enough to compel the other party
    • Non-party deposition requires a subpoena
    • Notice must state time and address
  4. Financial Affidavit
    • Sworn statement that lists the party's sources of income, expenses and assets/liabilities.
    • Most states require both parties to file this with the court.
  5. Motion for Disclosure of Assets
    • Request for detail info on all existing assets and/or liabilities
    • Only used if other forms of discovery are not sufficient
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Fam. Law Ch 11 pt 2
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