origin of non-human biological systems T. 22 final exam.txt

  1. Hadean 4.5BYA
    • Earth struck by Mars sized planet causing global melting of crust
    • Rapid rotation of earth on its axis (4hrs)
  2. Haden 4-3.8BYA
    • Cooling of earth's crust by COMET ice: during Late heavy bombardment, formed Earth's oceans
    • delivered enough organic material for life to emerge
  3. Hadean evolution events
    • abiogenesis may have proceeded prior to origin of life, with
    • Lipid world-->PAH-->PNA-->RNA-->Viroid-->DNA-->protocellular-->cellular world (LUCA)
  4. Archaean Era (3.8-2.5Bya)
    • Prok ONLY life on planet
    • Carl Woese's subkingdoms
    • 1. Crenarchaeota (1st G1P lipids)
    • 2. Monoderm eubac (1st G3P lipids)
    • 3. Diderm Eubac (1st double membrane)
    • 4. Euryarchaeota (1st histone proteins)
  5. Proterozoic Era (2.5B -542MYA)
    • 1. Unikont amoebae (1st EUKARYOTES)
    • 2. Bikont amoeabae (1st Double flagella)
    • 3. Glancocystophytes (1st Chloroplasts)
    • 4. Rhodophytes (1st RED algae)
    • 5. Chlorophytes (1st internal diploid zygotes)
  6. Cambrian Era
    • *1st plants to colonize LAND
    • ie, charophytes
  7. Ordovician Era
    • *1st true LAND plants - no need for h20 areas
    • ie Marchantiopsida, or liverworts (1st embryophytes)
    • (likely fungi & plants symbiotic relationship)
  8. Silurian Era
    • Anthoceratopsida, or hornworts (sporophyte stems): catch more light
    • Bryopsida: true mosses (sporophyte stems)
    • Rhyniopsida: non-woody tracheophytes
  9. Devonian Era
    • Lycopsida, single veined leaves. and Then…
    • Filicopsida: true FERNS, multi-veined leaves to capture sunlight
    • also progymnosperm (tree ferns) and..
    • pteriiodosperms (seed firms)..Archaeosperma seeds
  10. Carboniferous Era
    • Gymnosperm: naked seed plant
    • ie cycads & ginko
  11. Permian
    • Gymnosperms: Conifers w/needle leaves
    • help for year round photosynth even in winter climates
  12. Triassic Era
    • Gymnosperms: gnetales w/double fertilization using DIPLOID endosperm & diploid zygote
    • also Angiosperms: flowering seeds
  13. Jurassic Era
    • Angiosperms (Nymphaeles, water lilies w/diploid endosperm for zygote nutrition)
    • Angiosperm Dicotyledons: 2 embryonic seed leaves (ie, magnolias w/triploid endosperm)
  14. Cretaceous Era
    Angiosperm monocotyledons: w/one embryonic seed leaf but still triploid endosperm
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