Acids and Bases 3

  1. Given the pH of a sol'n is 7.4, what is the H30+ concentration
    • 10 ^ -pH
    • (Note: 7.40 is 2 places past decimal, your answer should be this: 4.0x10-8 )
  2. Given the pH of a sol'n is 9.61, what is the -OH concentration
    First find the pOH: 14-9.61 = 4.39. Now you can do this: 10 ^ (-4.39) = 4.1x10-5
  3. So, from pH to H30+
  4. A sample of gastric juice has a H30+ concentration of 0.045. What is the pH
    -log (0.045) = 1.35 (since there are 2 sig figs in the concentration, put 2 places past the pH)
  5. Given pKa find Ka
  6. Know how to use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.
    Remember that the [A-] is the CB SALT and [HA-] is the ACID. "A" for acid and use this acid's pKa
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Acids and Bases 3
Acids and Bases 3