final 3

  1. air traffic controller strike
    federal labor union, wanted to renegotiate contract, law prohibits federal union from striking, reagan orders them back to work or they will get fired, calls in military to work in their place----- union membership declined
  2. Reagan foreign policy
    peace trhough strength, massive military spending, high budget deficit and national debt
  3. strategic defense intiative (SDI)
    the plan to have a space based, anti missile system, problem-- tecnnology didnt exist, it was unilateral and wouldnt be effective
  4. nuclear detterance
    if you attack US we attack you, Reagan didnt like this becaus eit assumed enemy had good sense
  5. doomsday clock
    closer to 12, closer to nuclear war
  6. nuclear winter
    nuclear debris after nuclear war causing long winter, killing everything
  7. nicaragua
    Reagan ordered CIA to make rebel army in Nicaragua, army was called contras, us provided the funding
  8. Boland amendment
    president could not use money to support contras, reagan didnt accept this
  9. iran- contra
    reagan sold missiles for hostages, gave money from sales to contras
  10. Lebanon bay route
    October 1982 suicide bomber killed 241 American marines, reagan withdrew troops, 48 hours later us invaded grenada
  11. grenada
    reagan stated government instability was endangering american students there. labeled the great distraction
  12. Hale Gorbachev
    secratary of the SU, differed from previous leader, didnt like stalin's tactics or policies
  13. glasnost
    allowing greater freedom of speech and press
  14. perestroika
    effort to give soviets capitalism and democracy
  15. Rejkajavik
    meeting with su in iceland october 1986, su had one condition- do not deploy SDI, Reagan said no even though sdi didnt work, conference ended in failure
  16. Berlin wall
    1960's east berlin thrived while west berlin didnt, west germans were escaping east so soviets buil wall. November 1989 gates were opened between east and west. ovtober 1990 germany was reunited
  17. boris yeltson
    ends the su coo
  18. tiananmen square
    gather to encourage chinese government to liberalize, government called in military, citizens went into the streets to prevent military from getting into the square, chinese government are secrative about news coverage because of these events
  19. president george bush sr.
    uncertain what to do after the cold war
  20. new world order
    international order after WW2 was not given a chance to work becuase of cold war mentality, now time to allow un to work
  21. 1991- iraq invaded kuwait
    Us convinced countries to join in stopping the aggression

    • 1-economic sanction against iraq
    • 2- massive air campaign against iraq boming lasted 6 weeks
    • 3- operation desert storm invasion lasted 100 hours

    sadam remained in power
  22. 1988-1992
    the golden age for islam and the formation of al qaeda
  23. 1990's
    era of clinto
  24. 1991-1992
    bush sr. bad economy
  25. clinto
    southern democrat, new kind of democrat, 1st baby boomer president, made use of tv
  26. new democrats
    not as ideological, fiscal responsibility, strong defese
  27. ross perot
    problem for bush sr. ran for president, spent his own money, most successful 3rd party candidacy; support was drawn away from republican
  28. NAFTA
    north american free trade agreement
  29. gays in ilitary
    clinton wanted this, barry goldwater supported, couldnt overcome congress opposition' dont ask dont tell- made every one mad
  30. 1994
    mid term elections revolutionized politics
  31. Newt grinrich
    leader of republican party, 1- nationalized congressional elections, 2 contract with america 3- said the party had to win the war on words,
  32. clinton in office
    cut taxes, balanced budget, budget surplus, reformed welfare
  33. government shurt down
    november 1995 employees told not to come to work, lasted 3 weeks
  34. 1997 monica affair
    • 1st impeachment since 1868
    • senate equited him
    • most popular presidency since WWII
  35. digital revolution
    • intel- 1st microprocessor
    • personal cpu
    • windows
    • internet
  36. 1994-2006
    economy was booming. .com bubble. athletic advertising endorsments
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