1. WIN
    whip inflation now
  2. election 1976
    Jimmy Cater won
  3. Hamilton Jordan
    congressional lesion for Cater
  4. domestic policy- Carter
    very liberal
  5. department of education
    • federal funding
    • information gathering
    • enforce federal laws (privacy and rights)
  6. department of energy
    regulation, during energy crisis, renewable energy, nuclear energy
  7. three mile island
    1979, in PA nuclear facility, partial melt down spread radiation to surrounding areas, US cancelled new construction on new nuclear power plants
  8. panama canal treaty
    ended american control over canal zone, december 31, 1999 canal was handed to panama government
  9. camp david accords
    to get israyel and Eygyptian president to work out an agreement, ---- arab countries felt betrayed by Eygypt
  10. Collapse of detente
    starts in the carter years because soviet's didnt respond to carters human rights views
  11. salt 2
    to reduce number of nuclear weapons, senate rejected agreement
  12. Afghanistan
    government allied to soviets, rebel groups popped up, government called in soviets to intervene
  13. us strategy in afghanistan
    worked behind the scenes to make soviets intervene (wanted this to be the soviet's vietnam)
  14. US call for action (afghanistan)
    instituted a grain embargo against the soviets- made farmers mad

    boycotted 1980 olympics in moscow- made americans mad
  15. Iran
    1970's growing resistance

    1979 shah went into voluntary exile

    rebels created new government
  16. islamic republic
    theocracy headed by the ayatollah
  17. Carter and iran
    didnt understand what was going on
  18. the great satan
    term used for the us by the islamic countries
  19. attack on us embassy 1979
    Attack US embassy, took 52 hostages, solidified Ayatollah's control, hostages were only released after Reagan was inaugurated
  20. iran-iraq war
    1979 when Sadam hussein was made leader of iraq, US supported Iraq financially and militarily
  21. election of 1980
    elected ronald reagan

    end of new deal coalition

    conservative movement
  22. conservative movement
    synonymous with republican party, economic and social conservatism, small government, militatnt foreign policy, christians
  23. Jerry Falwell
    fundamentalist, moral majority group
  24. NRA
    gun legislation, 1974 had lobbyists
  25. business groups
    1971 the business round table, pressed for tax reform and deregulation
  26. politicle think tank
    led to tax rebellion
  27. tax rebellion
    shift of taxes to individuals and families
  28. committee of present danger
    resurrect a militarized doctrine of containment, opposed to salt 2
  29. Reagan
    symbol, campained on carters failures, moral agenda, declared ussr an evil empire, appealed to business, republicans gain in congress
  30. laffer theory
    if you reduce business taxes you free up capital---- economy would improve, lower tax rate means higher tax revenue
  31. reagan's domestic agenda
    reduced taxes, rollback on federal regulation, court becomes conservative, war on drugs, opposed affirmative action, opposed mlk holiday
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