BIOL380 Cyclin Dependent Kinases

  1. What determines how cells move from stages G1, S, and G2?
  2. What are the three Cyclin types?
    • G1 Cyclin
    • S Cyclin
    • M Cyclin
  3. What does CAK stand for?
    Cyclin Dependent Kinase Activating Kinase
  4. What does CAK do?
    CAK adds a Phosphate to the Activation Site of a CDK
  5. What needs to be in the CDK before CAK can phosphorylize the CDK Activation Site?
  6. What adds a Phosphate to the CDK Inhibitory Site?
  7. What removes Phosphates from the CDK Inhibitory Site?
    CDC 25 Phosphitase
  8. What does CDC stand for?
    Cell Division Cycle Protein
  9. What are the two functions of G1 CDK?
    • Inactivate cdh-1
    • Activate S CDK
  10. When do G1 Cyclins concentrations increase?
    At the end of Mitosis and continue to increase to the end of G1.
  11. When do S Cyclin concentrations increase?
    At the end of G1
  12. What is the first step to activate the S CDK?
    Degradation of the Inhibitory Protein
  13. What phosphorylates the Inhibitory Protein on the Inactive S CDK?
    Active G1 CDK
  14. After the S CDK Inhibitory Protein is phosphorylated, what is the next step to Degradation of that Inhibitory Protein?
    SCF to add a string of Ubiquitin
  15. What does Ubiquitin do?
    Triggers degradation of the Inhibitory Protein by attracting Proteosone
  16. What does ORC stand for?
    Origin of Replication Complex
  17. What does CDC6 do?
    It sits on the Origin of Replication Complex so that there's NO REPLICATION during G1
  18. What does S CDK do to CDC 6?
    S CDK adds a phosphate to CDC 6 destabilizing the CDC 6 and CDC 6 pops off ORC.
  19. What does S CDK do to the ORC?
    Adds a Phosphate
  20. Once ORC is phosphorylated, what occurs?
    Replication begins
  21. What are 3 the function of M CDK?
    • Triggers condensation of chromosomes.
    • Phosphorylates Intermediate Filaments to break down nuclear membrane.
    • Activates APC.
  22. What indirectly causes the condensation of DNA?
    Condensin Protein
  23. How does M CDK activate APC?
    Helps APC bind to CDC 20
  24. What does APC do?
    Adds a Ubiquitin chain to Securin
  25. What does Securin do?
    Inhibits Separase
  26. What does Separase do?
    Breaks down Cohesin
  27. What does Cohesin do?
    Holds the Sister Chromatids together
  28. What does M-CDK do during Mitosis?
    • Formation of the Spindle Apparatus.
    • Lining up of Chromosomes at Metaphase Plate.
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