Syntax Files Final K1

  1. Noun Incorporation
    • verb and head of one of its arguments form single verb complex
    • Rule 1: incorporation of agent argument of transitive not permitted
    • Rule 2: incorporation of subject of unaccusative verb sometimes permitted
    • Rule 3: incoporation of instrumentals and locatives sometimes permitted
    • Rule 4: Noun incorporation is possible only if incorporated argument consists just of a bare noun rather than a full NP; determiners and modifiers not permitted
  2. Compound Noun Incorporation
    • detransitivize the verb
    • e.g. loss of transitive marker on verb, loss of ergative case on subject
  3. Classifier Noun Incorporation
    • does not lead to detransitivization of the verb
    • can still take an external direct object
    • denotes class to which the referent of the D.O. belongs
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Syntax Files Final K1
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